‘Don’t Starve: The Board Game’ from Glass Cannon Unplugged Coming Later This Year

Official Board Game For Roguelike Survival Classic Will Leave You Starving For More

Glass Cannon Unplugged and Klei Entertainment weave the enchanting world of Don’t Starve into an official board game adaptation

Warsaw, Poland (March 27, 2024) — Glass Cannon Unplugged is pleased to announce that they will be responsible for bringing to the world the official board game adaptation of the award-winning video game Don’t Starve as part of a long-term licensing partnership with Klei Entertainment.

Designed by Rafał Pieczyński – lead developer of the highly acclaimed and multi-award-winning Frostpunk: The Board Game, with narrative direction by Jakub Wiśniewski – known for his work on This War Of Mine and Frostpunk: The Board Game – and Natanel Vo-Apfel of Into The Outside: Prelude fame, Don’t Starve: The Board Game transports 1-4 players into the unrelenting, randomly generated nightmare world of the Constant, a distant and ominous realm where magic and science intertwine in ways better left unspoken. Pitched against the elements and a grim pantheon of baddies, the players assume the roles of iconic characters from the video game, having to work closely together and use their wits to outsmart fate, strive for subsistence, and simply stay alive.

With its mechanics highlighting player choice, dynamic combat, and open-world exploration in night and day conditions, Don’t Starve: The Board Game is bound to transcend to unexplored levels of immersion, with its visual design fully embracing the unique, whimsical art style long cherished by fans of the series.

The game will be made available through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that is expected to fully utilize the creative potential of the source material, with a wealth of content offered via expansions, add-ons, and future retail releases. The Kickstarter campaign will launch near the end of the 3rd quarter of 2024.

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About Klei Entertainment:

Klei is a video game studio located in Vancouver, Canada. When talented, creative people work and learn together, fearless in creating something genuinely new, amazing things happen. We are relentlessly experimenting, making plenty of mistakes along the way, and gaining amazing insights every day. Since 2005, we’ve seen this process produce amazing results. From Mark of the Ninja to Don’t Starve, we’ve created ground-breaking games across multiple genres. We’re always looking for people who love to learn to join us on our journey.

About Glass Cannon Unplugged:

Founded by seasoned video game industry veterans and life-long tabletop gamers with 50+ years of collective experience, Glass Cannon Unplugged is a tabletop game studio created with one clear mission in mind: producing the best tabletop adaptations of the best video games in the world. Led by Jakub Wiśniewski (creator of the highly acclaimed This War of Mine: The Board Game), Glass Cannon Unplugged’s first release—the highly acclaimed Frostpunk: The Board Game—has won numerous awards, including the UK Games Expo Peoples Choice Award in Best Strategic Game of 2023, the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence, and the Board Game Revolution Meeple’s Choice for Best Solo Game and Best Production of 2022. GCU’s current collaborations include a successful campaign for Apex Legends™: The Board Game with Genuine Entertainment and Electronic Arts, as well as a board game adaptation for Techland’s Dying Light. Learn more at glasscannonunplugged.com.

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