SOEDESCO and SAIKAT DEB CREATIONS Conspire for a Sinister Horror Release

SOEDESCO & SAIKAT DEB CREATIONS join forces to bring The 9th Charnel

A haunting new release from SOEDESCO and Saikat Deb Creations is in the works

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 12 March 2024
SOEDESCO® announces a thrilling partnership with Indian independent development studio SAIKAT DEB CREATIONS. This collaboration signifies a major step forward as SOEDESCO® takes the helm as the official publisher for Saikat Deb’s upcoming survival horror game, The 9th Charnel. Furthermore, this marks a significant milestone for the publisher, as it represents their first-ever partnership with an Indian company, signaling a strategic expansion into the South Asian market.

“Saikat Deb’s succeded a game that not only scares, but also challenges the heart and mind of the player”, said Juan Cañete, Marketing Manager at SOEDESCO. “This title is the demonstration of our shared passion for gaming at SOEDESCO. And if you are looking for thrills and an adrenaline rush, Saikat Deb’s The 9th Charnel is your indisputed choice”. 

Saikat Deb is the sole developer of the upcoming game, The 9th Charnel, which also serves as his debut commercial game project. With almost five years of experience in the field, Saikat has created several game prototypes and college projects.

I was particularly drawn to SOEDESCO’s dedication to fostering creativity, supporting independent developers, and delivering unique gaming experiences to audiences globally. Their history of successful collaboration and commitment to empowering developers align perfectly with the vision and goals of Saikat Deb Creations, stated Saikat Deb, Director and Game Developer at Saikat Deb Creations. I am excited to see where this partnership will take us as our upcoming project strives to push boundaries, challenge perceptions, and offer players a truly unique and thought-provoking experience.

About The 9th Charnel
The 9th Charnel is a first-person psychological survival horror game. Filled with a rich and frightening atmosphere, this game aims to provide a haunting and desperate action-survival experience. While exploring the many mysteries of this world, you must survive — whether you do it through stealth or by using weapons.

The 9th Charnel offers a rich, narrative experience featuring realistic graphics, an immersive soundtrack, and a captivating storyline.

Explore the riveting tale of six characters, each with their own unique backstory and motivations.

Survive the horrors by skillfully gathering and managing resources while mastering weapon combat and stealth mechanics to stay one step ahead of danger.

SOEDESCO is an independent video game developer, publisher and distributor founded in 2002 by Soedesh Chauthi with its headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and offices in Madrid, Spain & Pilsen, Czech Republic. We deliver creative content across multiple genres and platforms for a worldwide audience in physical and digital formats.

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