Zoria: Age of Shattering – It’s Launch Day!

Seven years in the making – because it takes three developers a LONG time to make a great RPG for the PC

Katowice, Poland – March 7, 2024 – Anshar Publishing and Tiny Trinket Games have launched their isometric turn-based RPG, Zoria: Age of Shattering worldwide for the PC on Steam, GOG and in the Epic Games Store for $24.99.

Anshar is launching Zoria: Age of Shattering on International Stop Playing Baldur’s Gate 3 Day* because they realize there may be millions of hardcore RPG fans out there that will wake up today and have no idea what to do with their life after they finish breakfast.

Zoria is a single player tactical RPG with faster paced combat than traditional turn-based RPGs, an emphasis on class synergy and outpost and follower management, all set in an expansive fantasy world. In Zoria, you’ll be tasked with gathering the best warriors and mages to form a team of four that will liberate the Kingdom of Zoria which has fallen prey to the hellspawn that roam its land. Once lush forests, majestic buildings and thriving towns have been transformed into dark, dangerous locales. And this time we added new words to this description paragraph so you wouldn’t complain about reading the same exact thing for three press releases in a row. So make sure to send your thank you notes to the email at the bottom of this media release to encourage us to do more of this in the future.

Zoria: Age of Shattering Key Features:

  • Dynamic turn-based combat in an ever-changing environment
  • Build and develop your base. Manage your squad and send them on autonomous missions
  • Craft, rest and survive-a bonfire provides a safe spot to restock your resources and prepare for the coming battle
  • Specific party member skills can open new areas and quests

More information about Zoria: Age of Shattering can be found at https://zoriagame.com/

About Tiny Trinket Games

Tiny Trinket Games is an independent studio, based in Bucharest, Romania. We are a passionate group of developers with a rich background in all aspects of game development and a fancy for old school gameplay. We are in love with the RPG genre and believe together we can bring some freshness to the indie RPG market.

About Anshar Publishing 

Anshar Publishing focuses on providing comprehensive marketing and publishing services for PC and console games. We believe that marketing deserves craftsmanship and an individual approach to each project, based on the expertise of our team professionals.

Created in 2021, the team consists of Anshar Studios veterans and experienced specialists who gained their understanding of the industry at key Polish game studios. Apart from experience, we are a group of passionate gamers with an openness to support independent developers and increase the visibility of their hidden gems. We are ready to be challenged and pave the way to your target audience. Anshar manages the worldwide digital distribution of its content, including distributing its games through its own websites and partners.

*Anshar Studios honed their skills doing work for a tiny game developer called Larian Studios, building Gift Bag expansion packs for the very excellent Divinity: Original Sin II, and then later contributed to the tools, UI and gameplay programming for Baldur’s Gate 3. So when we joke about BG3 we do it with love. And no, we don’t expect you to stop playing BG3, we’re just hoping you can buy a second computer and play Zoria simultaneously.

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