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Rift Zone: Contact

A revolutionary miniature wargame blending reality with AR, making wargames accessible to anyone, anywhere! Only minis and mobile devices are required! Brought to you by Boosted Reality, LLC; Gamers making games for EVERYONE.

Everything you love about tabletop wargames made even better! Playable by anyone, ANYWHERE, and upgraded with the visualization and processing power of your smartphone! Welcome to the Rift Zone!

Rift Zone: Contact is the first chapter of the Rift Zone Odyssey, a fast-paced, tactical miniature wargame that utilizes Augmented Reality to capture the battle between the United Earth Defense Force, and the Scry’Ox Collective as they vie for control over the distant world of Proxima Centauri. As both civilizations, unaware of each other, searched for a new home, their quest was rewarded, but with a cruel twist of fate.

With no way to communicate, first contact between the human starship and a Scry’Ox Queenship ended in fiery catastrophe. Inevitably, war was on the horizon, and a habitable planet was worth any price. Humanity and the Skry’ox spent a decade preparing to claim the planet for themselves. The UEDF starships were augmented to slip between dimensions. The Scry’ox perfected the art of folding space to make the jump across the galaxy. The reaction caused by the competing technology of the arriving fleets created an inter-dimensional shockwave, ripping the very fabric of space itself. With both fleets destroyed by the reaction, ground forces were cut off from their home worlds. Now, war rages on the fungal planet, and something lurks on the other side of the rift that looms in the sky above, something that lays a much stronger, and more ancient claim to this place.

Empowered by RFID-Augmented game pieces that accumulate XP, vibrant map tiles, and the Rift Zone: Contact app on your phone, you hold the outcome for the battle over Proxima Centauri in the palm of your hand! Pick a side and fight. No rulebooks. No rulers. No dice.
The calculations are done for you. All you have to do is win.

Join the battle! Choose a side, share with your friends, and help turn the tides of war!
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About Rift Zone: Contact

Rift Zone: Contact is a revolutionary tabletop tactical battle game system that uses mixed reality (Boosted Reality!) to simplify miniature war games, eliminating rules and calculations, and making them more accessible to everyone.
The game comes with detailed, well-crafted minis augmented by AR, NFC, and some patent-pending special sauce, as well as beautiful maps for you to stage your battles.
Rift Zone: Contact can be played ANYWHERE, with nothing but minis and your mobile device, and each individual unit gains experience from each battle, earning special abilities and customizations as your game progresses!

Features of the Game and App

  • Unparallelled approachability! Complete gameplay mechanics and ruleset managed by Rift Zone: Contact application, just choose your action, tap your screen, and move your mini.
  • Optional ready-to-play campaigns available or let your imagination run wild by using anything in your surroundings to craft your battlefield.
  • Combined with the app, and the memory of the cloud, each mini collects experience points, abilities, and special customizations as you play more and more rounds.
  • Well-crafted, detailed, full-figure minis embedded with RFID.
  • Beautifully crafted and colored 345mm corner-to-corner (300mm edge-to-edge) hexes.

About Boosted Reality, LLC

We are gamers, but as much as we love games, we don’t always have time to pick up a new one and learn it. At Boosted Reality, we want to bring your tabletop games into the future. To us, the future is all about games utilizing technology to make them easier to pick up and play. Games with real tactical depth, that you learn and explore in the game, not by getting buried in a rulebook.

What we love most about games is playing them at a table with friends. Our vision, and the technology we are building, is to make the experience of playing with friends better. Because the fun of games is playing them, not reading and deciphering the rules. We see a future where complex tabletop wargames are accessible to anyone with a little bit of free time and the desire to play.

We, at Boosted Reality, are a team of tech veterans who are also avid gamers. Besides his role as President of Boosted Reality, Steve is SVP of Saildrone Inc, and CTO of Woddle, with over 31 years in the tech industry. Boosted’s Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy Bennett, is SVP of Engineering at Stealth Startup, with over 28 years in the tech industry. Charlie Rehor, Lead Advisor at Boosted, is co-owner of Beadle & Grimm’s, with over 22 years in the tech industry, including work at Napster!

Find Boosted Reality, LLC and the team here:

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