The Throne of Thorns for Ruins of Symbaroum 5E Announced

Part One of the Massive Symbaroum Campaign, Throne of Thorns, is Coming to 5E, Alongside a Deep Dive into the Dark Fantasy World

Stockholm, Sweden (January 4, 2023)  Today, Free League Publishing announced two new expansions for the Ruins of Symbaroum game line, the 5E adaptation of the acclaimed Symbaroum RPG: The Throne of Thorns Part I, an epic campaign book and the beginning of a massive saga, and The World of Symbaroum, a deep delve into the acclaimed game setting.

Both books are now available for pre-order at the Free League website, with immediate early access to complete PDFs. The books are slated for a retail release in the spring.

Note that the expansions require access to the Ruins of Symbaroum core books –  the Player’s Guide, Gamemaster’s Guide, and Bestiary.

The Throne of Thorns Part I

With the Ruins of Symbaroum game line, the acclaimed setting of Symbaroum comes to the world’s most popular roleplaying game rules! This book presents two massive adventures that are the start of an epic six-part campaign called The Throne of Thorns, now available for play with the 5th Edition ruleset.

Perilous expeditions into the dark depths of Davokar Forest; deadly encounters with murderous cultists, hostile elves, and warriors of the Beast Clan; intense faction play and political maneuvering – you will experience all this and more when the epic quest for the legendary Throne of Thorns begins!

This hardcover, full-color book of over 200 pages presents the first two episodes of the acclaimed adventure chronicle The Throne of Thorns, adapted for play with the 5e ruleset and the Ruins of Symbaroum core books. Expect the stakes to be high, the competitors relentless, and the darkness ever present, for the forest of Davokar is about to awaken. Contents:

  • Two full-length adventures Wrath of the Warden and The Witch Hammer, for characters of levels 7–9.
  • More than 20 color maps, detailing adventure locations in towns, forests, and ruins.
  • Over 50 stat blocks, covering non-player characters of different types – monsters, potential allies or adversaries, as well as famous/notorious individuals.
  • A dozen journey events that can be used to make the characters’ travels in the forest even more exciting.
  • A dozen handouts to be used during play, offering important information for social challenges and problem-solving.

The World of Symbaroum

This book offers a detailed description of the Ruins of Symbaroum game world and is a must for all who wish to delve deeper into the setting while playing with the 5th Edition OGL ruleset.

Welcome to a world of mystery and adventure, of clashing cultures and ideals, a world constantly under threat from the darkness of the Eternal Night. This book expands on the lore and setting information presented in the Ruins of Symbaroum Gamemaster’s Guide.

The World of Symbaroum delves deep into the ancient history of the game world, and aside from general descriptions of people, places, and historical events, it provides the Gamemaster with lots of plot hooks and secrets, along with no less than seven detailed adventure landscapes centered around ruins in the forest of Davokar. Contents:

  • A player’s section, introducing the game world’s main settlements – Thistle Hold, Yndaros and Karvosti – in great detail.
  • An in-depth look at the main settlements’ history, memorable events, factions, conflicts, and establishments.
  • A Gamemaster’s section describing what hides beneath the surface, with 18 historical secrets and 34 plot hooks.
  • Seven adventure landscapes for characters of 5th to 10th level, complete with conflicts, events, maps, and colorful NPCs.

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Free League Publishing is a game studio and publisher dedicated to speculative fiction based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have published a wide range of award-winning tabletop roleplaying games and acclaimed art books set in strange and wondrous worlds.

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