Sigil Services Rebranding as MetaMorphic Digital Studio

Sigil Services has rebranded to MetaMorphic Digital Studio (MDS), reflecting its evolution and growth as a company while prioritizing creativity and adaptability in the constantly changing digital landscape. With a team of over 50 members, MetaMorphic Digital Studio is committed to leading the industry in virtual tabletop roleplaying game adoption and content creation, working closely with industry leaders to enhance player experiences and provide the best possible results for clients.

MetaMorphic Digital Studio leverages the technological capabilities of virtual tabletop platforms to provide high-quality VTT conversions that stay true to the original material and produce premium RPG content. This lets content creators focus on world-building while MetaMorphic handles the technical aspects. Beyond mere text conversion, MDS brings RPG game materials to life by managing character sheets, roll formulas, databases, handouts, interactive maps, and various automations essential for playing TTRPGs online. The company has worked with numerous clients, including Paizo, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Fria Ligan (Free League), Onyx Path, Ghostfire, Roll & Play Press, and many others.

MetaMorphic Digital Studio is committed to leading the industry in VTT adoption and content creation by building tools that make the process efficient and leveraging new capabilities as they emerge. With a team of over 50 members in various roles, all committed to shaping client worlds for the digital age, the company is poised for even more growth and exploration in the digital realm.

Most importantly, MetaMorphic Digital Studio is run by gamers who are dedicated to providing the best experiences possible for clients and players to enjoy their favorite systems. The company works closely with industry leaders like Roll20 and Foundry VTT to push the boundaries of what is possible in virtual tabletops and develop cutting-edge tools to enhance player experiences.

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