Battlespace, Five Parsecs From Home – Bug Hunt, and More Released from ViaModiphius

Today, ViaModiphius, the indie imprint of Modiphius Entertainment, is announcing a new seasonal release calendar. The first ‘Winter Collection’ presents a host of miniatures agnostic solo and co-op adventure wargames designed to bring gamers together around four fantastic new gaming worlds. Full details for each game in the collection can be found below.

Adventure wargames let you tell stories on your tabletop with innovative narrative mechanics, procedural campaigns, and scripted stories which put you in the middle of the action, whether playing solo or with your friends against dangerous adversaries. This new range, going on pre-order today, offers a wide variety of experiences from claiming and building your own settlement amidst a zombie apocalypse in County Road Z, leading a modern Delta Force or SAS patrol in Battlespace – Ultra Modern Military Combat, creating unique new heroes and going a series of epic adventures in Rangers of Shadow Deep – A Gathering of Heroes, and joining the marines and facing down aggressive alien species in Five Parsecs From Home Compendium – Bug Hunt.

See the entire Winter Collection here [UK/US]. All pre-orders come with free PDFs to get people playing right away. A retail release is planned for late March, 2024.

Rangers of Shadow Deep – A Gathering of Heroes by Joseph A. McCullough

With the evils of the Shadow Deep clawing at the borders, spellcasters, mercenaries, knights-errant, desert nomads, and other heroes from the lands surrounding Alladore have come to the aid of the Rangers.

  • Advanced Character Creation: new Traits and Limitations to bring greater tactical and narrative variation to your rangers.
  • 10 ‘Archetypes’ to create the heroes that have come from the lands around Alladore.
  • Collects five previously stand-alone supplements for the game: Blood Moon, Temple of Madness, Ghost Stone, Incinerator, and Menagerie.
  • 52 unique enchanted weapons.
  • A bestiary featuring all the creatures from the core rulebook and all the collected supplements.
  • Copious new artwork from the visionary of the Shadow Deep, Barrett Stanley.

Battlespace – Ultra Modern Military Combat by Rob Salters

Select your fire team, enter the combat zone, and target your mission objectives. Be prepared for a multitude of situations and increase tactical depth with each game. Play with ready-to-go soldier cards, or tailor the gear in each of your soldiers’ loadouts. You can even build your soldiers from scratch with optional advanced rules.

  • 48-page rulebook, 10 missions, Basic & Advanced Options, plus Enemy AI
  • 34 soldier cards, 5 military forces, from CIA and Delta Force to British SAS
  • 21 gear cards. Grenade launchers and Drones to Attack Dogs!
  • 18 enemy cards: Criminal Syndicates, Insurgents, Militia, Dark Lake Tactical Group
  • 29 sitrep cards, fog-of-war with a true sense of battlefield uncertainties, adding unique twists to the encounter
  • Plus, Maneuver Card and markers

County Road Z – Rural Survival in the Zombie Apocalypse by Jordan Heckman

Gather your survivors, build your community, and battle the Zeds!  A solo game of tabletop combat and resource management. Combat zeds (and worse) across warehouses, graveyards, mansions, and stores, then take it over! Upgrade your base and build new weapons. Scavenge materials for watchtowers, workshops, generators and more.

  • Choose your next base to expand. A distillery? A firehouse? A hydroelectric dam?
  • Includes Viral, Cosmic Horror, and Magic Apocalypses
  • 16 zombies, 29 missions, 10 base types, 39 facilities & upgrades
  • Road Trip campaign and Character advancement

Five Parsecs From Home Compendium – Bug Hunt by Ivan Sorensen

This compendium contains three expansions for Five Parsecs From Home plus the fully updated standalone game Bug Hunt. In this military-themed campaign, face 16 alien species with six subtypes, like the spitter and screamer and six leaders like the driver or lancer. Players get to pick from 12 support units from the scientific survey team to a team of tough K’Erin assault troops. A full campaign game with character progression as your troopers advance through their careers, spawn points and more. Compatible with Five Parsecs From Home – move your characters between both games! Includes:

  • Trailblazer’s Toolkit – intro campaign, name generator, new difficulty options, PVP and co-op scenarios, new AI action tables, enemy deployment variables, escalating battles and fearsome elite-level enemies.
  • Freelancer’s Handbook – new alien species: The Krag and Skulkers, psionics, new equipment, miniatures, free combat rules. Expanded missions and quest rules, fringe world strife mechanics, expanded ship loan rules and salvage job scenarios.
  • Fixer’s Guidebook – terrain tables, expanded injuries rules, grid-based movement, faction mechanics, plus stealth and street fight scenarios.

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