Raiders of the Serpent Sea, a Custom 5e Campaign with Nordic Style, is Available on the Modiphius Store

A doomed world of monstrous creatures with Ragnarök approaching may seem like hell to some, yet the Raiders call it home. Raiders of the Serpent Sea, an epic adventure book created by the lead designer of Dragon: Age Origins and published by Arcanum Worlds for the 5th Edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game, is now available in print on the Modiphius website.

Set in the same world as the hugely successful Odyssey of the Dragonlords campaign, Raiders of the Serpent Sea lets you take to your longships as a party of Viking raiders seeking to defend their home in the lands of Grimnir from monstrous beings of all sizes and a world-ending calamity on the horizon.

Raiders of the Serpent Sea adds an infusion of Norse mythology and Viking style into any 5e campaign. Spanning 12 chapters and 16 character levels, Raiders of the Serpent Sea will take your lowly deckhands up to heroes of Grimnirian legend with new backgrounds, races, and class archetypes to help these characters fit right in. It’s not just the characters getting a refresh, however. Over 100 new stat blocks for NPCs and monsters can be found within to put players to the test at every level.

Following the destruction of a once beautiful and prosperous world at the hands of the dreaded Yoten, the survivors fled to a new land, one they christened Grimnir. While the people of Grimnir have been able to rebuild, the old scars never truly healed. The descendants of those first survivors, the Raiders, have stayed ever-wary of the Yoten’s return, which, if the seers’ visions prove accurate, is fast approaching…

The Player’s Guide and Campaign Guide for Raiders of the Serpent Sea are now available in print, with hundreds of pages full of interesting lore and beautiful illustrations. For the GM looking to take their experience to the next level, a custom GM screen, maps, and Game Master cards are also available to fully immerse a party in the world of Grimnir.

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