Paizo and Natural Pengu Partner Up

Virtual tabletop and actual play to give the most fun, fast, and easy way to play Pathfinder.

[November 6th, 2023] Dalby, Lund, Sweden – Paizo and Natural Pengu announced a partnership today, spanning their virtual tabletop and actual play program. Tapping into the power of Paizo’s amazing Remastered Pathfinder Core Books, the Natural Pengu team of storytellers is geared up to deliver the ultimate VTT experience along with loads of exciting new Twitch content!

Natural Pengu is the emerging champion in the dynamic realm of virtual tabletops, aiming to simplify the world of tabletop roleplaying games for both seasoned adventurers and newcomers. No longer will you need to juggle multiple browser tabs or spend countless hours on game preparation. Natural Pengu presents a one-stop solution that seamlessly integrates your tabletop gaming needs into one user-friendly platform.

The first fruit of this collaboration is the Player Core Toolkit, with early access release on November 15th. This is the first of three phases for the release of the full-fledged Natural Pengu VTT.

The Player Core Toolkit makes character creation, character sheets, and calculating dice roll modifiers a breeze. If you are a proud owner of Paizo’s new Remastered Core rulebooks or plan to acquire them upon their official release, you’re in for a treat. Natural Pengu seamlessly integrates the rulebooks into the platform, giving you immediate access to the rules you need, when you need them. Bid farewell to the days of panic-sifting through piles and piles of rulebooks in the middle of your game.

The cherry on top? Natural Pengu VTT operates directly on your web browser, ensuring you can embark on your epic journey from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to embark on a new journey?

The Player Core Toolkit will be available as early access for $1.99 a month on November 15th, but customers who join the mailing list can get the Founder’s Subscription plan for only $0.99 per month when it becomes available.

Founders will get the opportunity to be part of the development and evolution of Natural Pengu VTT—so that the final product will be the VTT they will love to play with!

But that’s not all! Natural Pengu has embraced the quest of making the new Remastered Pathfinder Core rulebooks easy to read and available from the comfort of your smartphone! Latin American Spanish translations are also on the way so that even more people can access the tools they need to become the heroes of their dreams!

Sign up for the mailing list today, and you’ll get to buy the Pathfinder Player Core with Natural Pengu integrations for only $21.99 on November 15th! ($2.00 if you already own the book.) On the day, you can download your PDF from, and see all the remastered Player Core rules on the Player Core Toolkit. You will be among the very first to get early access to all the added Player Core treasures mentioned above (interactive mobile Pathfinder Player Core, etc.) as soon as they are up on Natural Pengu VTT.

In addition to being a Virtual Tabletop, Natural Pengu also streams live play Pathfinder adventures and other exciting content. A brand new Pathfinder campaign is coming up very soon. Stop by the Natural Pengu Twitch channel to join the adventure, or find some TTRPG goodness on the Natural Pengu YouTube channel!

Interested viewers can watch the character introduction prequels as they are released to YouTube!

With Paizo’s Remastered Pathfinder rules and Natural Pengu Player Core Toolkit, adventure is just a click away. So, heed the call! Arm yourselves, ready your spells, and be prepared for epic adventures with Natural Pengu. Sign up for the release of the Natural Pengu Player Core Toolkit and get 50% off when it drops, as well as a great deal on the new amazing Pathfinder Player Core book! Let the dice roll, and let the stories unfold, your epic saga awaits.

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