Modiphius Is Thinking About Rome. What About You?

Cohors Cthulhu Audio Drama Series with Rusty Quill Network Announced and Core Books Cover Art By Venom Cover Artist Bjorn Barends Unveiled 

You’ll be thinking about Rome a lot more when the Cohors Cthulhu TTRPG launches on Kickstarter at 12 noon GMT on October 4th and the official audio drama series comes to the Rusty Quill network!

The surprising spread of the meme, which started with women asking their partners how often they thought about Rome after a Tik-Tok video went viral, has now become a worldwide phenomenon, with everyone talking about just how often they think about Rome.

To celebrate this, Modiphius has unveiled the covers for the Players and Gamemaster’s Guides by Bjorn Barends (Marvel, Venom), which will be the two full colour hardback core books featured in the Kickstarter, along with a Germania campaign book, miniatures, dice and much more.

Modiphius co-founder Chris Birch has been thinking about Rome since he was a kid. “When I was around seven, I picked up these awesome little plastic Roman and Greek soldiers by a company called Atlantic to add to my existing armies of Airfix Romans and Britons. I’d fight all kinds of desperate battles as the armies teamed up to fight giant plastic monsters. In my mind, these soldiers marched and died across the ancient world brought to life by the classic Ray Harryhausen movies like Jason and the Argonauts”

It’s pure luck this meme hit the world at the point the Cohors Cthulhu Kickstarter is due to launch. It’s not just a tabletop roleplaying game, though. The creative team have been working on several fiction books consisting of stories focused on a wide group of characters caught up in an epic plot and written by authors Douglas Seacat (Privateer Press), Matt Goetz (Privateer Press), Nick Brown (Agent of Rome), John Houlihan (Mon Dieu Cthulhu, Achtung! Cthulhu). The first fiction book: Adventures in Laurium will be part of the Kickstarter, with several stories already unlocked for backers and more to be unlocked through the Kickstarter. A second fiction series based on the events of the audio series will be teased via a free download on the Kickstarter page.

Modiphius has partnered with the industry-leading podcast network and producer Rusty Quill on a forthcoming Cohors Cthulhu audio drama series. Well known for their incredibly successful Magnus Archives fiction series, the Rusty Quill network will be the home to the free streaming Cohors Cthulhu audio series, or fans can purchase it in advance via the Kickstarter or Modiphius online stores.

Cohors Cthulhu: Prelude to the Hidden Wars will follow the adventures of Roman Centurion Marius and his Vexillarius (standard bearer) Lucius as they discover a terrifying new threat on the frontier. Modiphius is committing to 6 episodes in the opening series and plans to unlock further episodes during the TTRPG Kickstarter along with an actual play series which will teach players the rules as well as introduce the storylines. Casting and pre-production are just starting, and more details will be unveiled soon.

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