Mutant: Year Zero Launches Into Space with Ad Astra Expansion

Ad AstraMutant: Year Zero Launches Into Space!

New Expansion & Reprint of Mutant: Year Zero Core Books

Stockholm, Sweden (September 26, 2023) — Free League Publishing today announced the thrilling expansion, Ad Astra, for the award-winning post-apocalyptic tabletop RPG Mutant: Year Zero. Ad Astra takes the player characters from the devastated surface of Earth into orbit, out into the solar system, and perhaps further still.

A pre-order for Ad Astra has been launched at the Free League webshop and gives immediate early access to a full PDF ahead of the release early next year. In addition to Ad Astra, Free League today announced a reprint of all Mutant: Year Zero core books, including Mutant: Mechatron which has long been out of print.

Find out more about Ad Astra here

Through the tiny portholes of the space capsule, you see the city hanging weightlessly beneath the stars –  like a huge hanging mobile over Earth, the poisoned cradle of humanity. Drawing closer, it becomes clear that there is something wrong with this star city. You float past large holes, torn wires, and cracked satellite dishes. It seems the Apocalypse reached all the way to the heavens.

Ad Astra can be played stand-alone or as a direct continuation of the Path to Eden campaign in the Mutant: Year Zero core rulebook. The campaign book also includes rules for playing Mutant: Year Zero in space and an overview of the solar system with ideas for further adventures.

Ad Astra is written by Jens Alm and illustrated by Kim W. Andersson, an award-winning comic book writer and artist. His works include Love Hurts, Astrid and Alena, the latter of which was adapted into a Swedish film of the same name.

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About Mutant: Year Zero tabletop RPG
Mutant: Year Zero RPG takes you to the world after the great Apocalypse. Humanity’s proud civilization has fallen. The cities are dead wastelands, winds sweeping along empty streets turned into graveyards. But life ­remains. Among the ruins, the People live. You are the heirs of humanity – but not quite human anymore. Your bodies and minds are capable of superhuman feats. You are mutants.

Mutant: Year Zero is the reimagined version of the classic Swedish tabletop roleplaying game Mutant, first published in 1984. Mutant: Year Zero was the very first game created by Free League that was released to an international audience in 2014 and was an instant hit – it was named Best RPG at UK Games Expo 2015 and awarded a Silver ENNIE for Best Rules at Gen Con 2015. In 2018, Funcom released the video game adaptation Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden on multiple platforms, to great reviews.

About Free League Publishing
Free League Publishing is a game studio and publisher dedicated to speculative fiction based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have published a wide range of award-winning tabletop roleplaying games and acclaimed art books set in strange and wondrous worlds.

Our upcoming games include The Walking Dead Universe RPG, and Zone Wars – A Mutant: Year Zero Wargame.

Our current game portfolio includes the fantasy RPG Dragonbane, the MÖRK BORG spin-off RPG PIRATE BORG, the official Blade Runner RPG, The One Ring™ roleplaying game and The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying for 5E, Tales From the Loop – The Board Game, the official ALIEN RPG (Gold ENNIE for Best Game 2020), the Gothic horror game Vaesen (winner of three ENNIE Awards 2021), the pitch-black fantasy RPG MÖRK BORG (winner of four ENNIE Awards 2020), the alternate ’80s Tales From the Loop RPG (winner of five ENNIE Awards 2017, including Best Game), the retro-fantasy Forbidden Lands (winner of four ENNIE Awards 2019), the postapocalyptic Mutant: Year Zero (Silver ENNIE for Best Rules 2015), the science fiction games Coriolis – The Third Horizon (Judge’s Spotlight Award 2017) and Death in Space, the dark fantasy game Symbaroum, the weird-fantasy Into the Odd Remastered, the cyberpunk RPG CY_BORG, and the new edition of the RPG classic Twilight: 2000 (Judges Award for Best RPG at UK Games Expo 2022).

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