Deadlands 25th Anniversary on Kickstarter!

Launching Oct 3 on Kickstarter – Deadlands 25th Anniversary

Night Train is a tabletop roleplaying game adventure for Deadlands: the Weird West using Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules.

Twenty five years ago one (in)famous adventure encapsulated the dark promise of Deadlands so completely it became legend: John Goff’s Night Train.

The Night Train creeps along the cold steel rails of the Weird West, pulling in after dark to unleash its hellish cargo of starving, feral vampires upon unsuspecting towns.

For decades Night Train has terrorized game conventions and haunted tabletops. What will you do when its deathly whistle blows? Can your posse survive the onslaught? Many others have tried—most have failed!

This Kickstarter brings John Goff’s malevolent masterpiece back into the moonlight, fully updated for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and boasting gorgeous new art and a boxcar of incredible accessories to bring the fun to life (or unlife, as the case may be).

The Boxed Set offers epic value! 

If you’ve never played Night Train, this is your chance to hop aboard! If you’ve ridden these wretched rails before, you’ll find all-new extras that make this the definitive experience.

The Night Train 25th Anniversary Boxed Set contains:

A 72-page book with the original Night Train adapted for Savage Worlds, its sequel For Whom the Whistle Blows, an all-new adventure, The Bank Job from the master himself, and a special afterword featuring John Goff’s notes and memories celebrating this legendary adventure.

Full-color pawns for an army of creepy bloodsuckers, the innocent townsfolk they wish to feed on, the villains trying to capitalize on the carnage, and the hellish Night Train itself so its locomotive and cars can roll down the tracks of any Deadlands battle map… or get combined with other train cars as we add them!

Two double-sided fold-out maps, featuring the three rail towns featured in the book and a connecting spur where a posse can catch up to the train (or where the villains might camp to admire their handiwork). The maps can be placed side-to-side to make new towns or extend the rails for even bigger, bloodier action.

Six dangerous new Archetypes to send to the slaughter instead of your regular heroes.

 Four Wanted Posters. The towns along the rails have plenty going on before the mythical Night Train makes its fateful stops. Law dogs have a chance to collect bounties or see that justice catches up to these outlaws, one way or another.

Channel the spirit of John Goff himself with a stack of Toe Tags to memorialize your posse members that end up in Boot Hill!

A special commemorative Wild Die, featuring a locomotive themed “6” face for Acing.

Pack your bags and prepare to face the unrelenting terror of the Night Train coming to Kickstarter on Tuesday, October 3rd.

“Death rides the rails, and it’s up to you to punch its ticket!” 

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