Handiwork Games offer Creative Commons License for The Trouble Engine

The Trouble Engine is a set of mechanics that key into the Forged in the Dark system and allows a|state RPG GMs to steadily generate new problems and difficulties at a pace that reflects the current situation in their game.

It has come to our attention that the goodly folks in the Forged in the Dark community are enjoying The Trouble Engine from a|state Second Edition. We’ve had several requests to make use of this set of mechanics in other published Forged in the Dark Games.

The Trouble Engine was designed from scratch by Morgan Davie for Handiwork Games, and is not part of, nor covered by, the Forged in the Dark license. The Trouble Engine falls under regular copyright and as it stands no one can use it without a specific agreement from us at Handiwork Games.

Until now!

We feel in the spirit of the Forged in the Dark license, and as a thank you for all the appreciative requests to use it, we would like everyone to be able to use The Trouble Engine in their own published games. We’re making The Trouble Engine SRD available for you to use in your published games. The contents of the SRD are available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license.

Jon Hodgson of Handiwork Games: “Morgan Davie did some amazing design work on The Trouble Engine, and I think we all agreed it was too useful for all Forged in the Dark games to stay exclusive to a|state. We’ve had several really kindly requests to be allowed to make use of the mechanics, and rather than get into anything complicated, we figured an SRD and CC license was the way to go. I really respect the way John Harper has let other people make use of his creation with Forged in the Dark licensing. Now everyone can add The Trouble Engine to their Forged in the Dark games without needing to ask our permission.”

Find out more: https://handiwork.games/licensing-the-trouble-engine-from-astate-second-edition.html

About a|state

Step inside a baroque urban nightmare, the dystopian sci-fi world of a|state, using the acclaimed Forged in the Dark game system. Defend your corner from selfish authorities, angry gangs, and heartless industries, and deal with the spiralling consequences of your own actions as you struggle for a better tomorrow.

a|state second edition revisits the classic Brit dystopian scifi RPG of the early 2000s with an all new focus, powered by Forged in the Dark rules. It was a hit on kickstarter, and has seen regular releases and features a wealth of accessories and material to support play.

Find out more: https://handiwork.games/games/astate

About Handiwork Games

Handiwork Games is based in Scotland UK and was founded by ex-Cubicle 7 deputy CEO Jon Hodgson. Best known for their duet play 5e line BEOWULF Age of Heroes, Handiwork Games also publishes a|state, Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland and more!

Find out more: www.handiwork.games

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