KING BEOWULF Gets a Free PDF Intro

Handiwork Games releases free 4-page KING BEOWULF introductory PDF.

KING BEOWULF is the next instalment in the BEOWULF saga for 5e. BEOWULF Age of Heroes lets you play 2 player D&D (one GM and one Player) in the world of the epic poem, Beowulf. In KING BEOWULF high level characters become rulers of their own kingdom, and face much higher level decisions and threats.

KING BEOWULF is currently finishing up its development. It has had quite a story,

Jon Hodgson, Managing Director and co-creator of BEOWULF:

“We unexpectedly found we had some extra time to devote to KING BEOWULF, and it’s a bittersweet tale. The shipment of BEOWULF books was lost en route to our Trials of the Twin Seas backers in the US, costing us a great deal of money to deal with. We’ve recently discovered that they were not just lost, but actually stolen, which was a hard blow for us to endure. Law enforcement are involved, but if you see copies of a|state, The Twin Seas or BEOWULF on sale from US eBay accounts with multiple copies? They’re stolen goods.

We’re just a small operation and the loss of some £25,000 of stock when the pallet was just “lost” was very hard to survive. But we dug deep, we worked hard, we took on extra jobs, and have managed to recoup enough of the lost funds to replace the stock and money spent on shipping.

This additional news that the goods were actually stolen has been personally devastating, if I’m honest. We’re now competing with stolen goods in the US market.

US law enforcement are investigating, but until they take action it’s a tricky one for us.

We won’t take a major BEOWULF title like KING BEOWULF to kickstarter until our ever-patient US backers have had their books dispatched – that’s a matter of honour. That should all be done within the next week or so, which is an excellent result for our team. Lesser blows have killed bigger companies!

But the silver lining to these events is that this gave us more time that we thought we had to work on KING BEOWULF. During that extra time we hit on some really unique new ideas, and decided to seize the opportunity and update the manuscript. We really feel we’ve made something awesome, and we hope it’s well received, that BEOWULF players in the US will forgive us the delays, and we can get our ship back on track.”

The free PDF KING BEOWULF: Of Kingdoms and Ring-givers is free at DrivethruRPG now.

About Handiwork Games
Founded in 2019 by industry veteran Jon Hodgson, Handiwork Games is a game design and publishing company based in Scotland. They produce various game products, including a|state second edition, BEOWULF Age of Heroes, Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland, the award-winning The Forest Dragon card game and a range of unique gaming accessories. Find out more at

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