Renegade Announces Welcome to Night Vale Roleplaying Game!

San Diego, CA – August 3, 2023  Renegade Game Studios is excited to announce that they will produce and publish a Welcome to Night Vale Roleplaying Game, which will land on players’ tables in 2024.

“Joseph and Jeffrey have created a fantastic world full of vibrant characters, mystery, and rich engaging stories. Roleplayers around the world have long been fans of the series and we’re excited to now allow them to have their own adventures in the world of Night Vale.” said Scott Gaeta, President and Publisher at Renegade.

“For over a decade, Jeffrey and I have been building the world of Night Vale with our podcast, touring live shows, and novels. Now we cannot wait for people to finally get to step into that world themselves, and start telling their own stories about a weird little desert town,” said Night Vale co-creator Joseph Fink.

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Renegade Game Studios was established in 2014 by game industry veteran Scott Gaeta to publish games that create memorable experiences including a catalog full of award-winning titles. Renegade’s catalog of games includes numerous popular titles such as Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game, Transformers Deck-Building Game, My Father’s Work, and award-winning titles such as Raiders of the North Sea, and The Fox in the Forest.

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Welcome to Night Vale is the most popular fiction podcast in the world. Created in 2012 by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, Welcome to Night Vale has been downloaded over 350 million times. Fink and Cranor have since expanded the world of the podcast into a NY Times Best Selling series of novels and a touring live show that has played across the United States and in 20 other countries, including two West End theaters and the Sydney Opera House.

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