Paizo, Lore Masters Unveil Pathfinder: Lore Masters

The companies are partnering on a knowledge and trivia game exploring the rules and lore of the Pathfinder tabletop roleplaying game.

July 26, 2023. Montreal, Quebec – Lore Masters Studios Inc. is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their mobile trivia game, “Pathfinder: Lore Masters”. Designed to immerse players in the rules and lore of the Paizo tabletop RPG Pathfinder, Lore Masters promises an engaging and entertaining experience that helps players increase their knowledge of the game and also serves as an entertaining way for new players to learn rules and lore. It is set to launch in October 2023, for free to mobile gamers worldwide.

“Our goal with Lore Masters is to create a game that brings fans closer to the heart of the Pathfinder brand,” said The Lore Masters Team. “We want players of all skill levels to engage with the captivating universe and classes they love, providing them with an interactive experience that challenges their knowledge of the game and strengthens the relationship with fellow players.”

“We’re very excited to bring the world of Golarion to Lore Masters,” said Paizo’s Director of Brand Strategy, Mark Moreland, “This engaging trivia game is a great way to immerse players new and old in the lore and rules of Pathfinder.”

Pathfinder: Lore Masters is scheduled for release on both iOS and Android platforms in October.  For more information about Pathfinder: Lore Masters, please visit

Lore Masters Studios is an independent mobile video game studio piloted by a team of video game industry veterans with a passion for gaming. We are dedicated to making the best game experience possible for fans.

Paizo Inc. is publisher of the award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Pathfinder Tales novels, Starfinder science-fantasy roleplaying game, as well as numerous board games and accessories. In the 15+ years since its founding, Paizo has received more than 100 major awards and has grown to become one of the most influential companies in the hobby games industry. Visit for more information.

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