Journey to the Funniest Frontier in the Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide, Available Now for Pre-order

“We’re more like the cool, scrappy underdogs of the ship.” – Ensign Beckett Mariner

Put on your red shirt and try not to think about how expendable you are, as today, Modiphius Entertainment launches pre-orders for the Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide!

The Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide expands upon the core Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game experience by providing detailed advice on creating junior officers and using them to tell amazing Star Trek-style stories with the fun, irreverent tone presented in Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Whether you’re cleaning holodeck biofilters, conducting an anomaly consolidation day, participating in a second contact, or enjoying some well-earned Buffer Time, there’s always something new to encounter and learn, both within the universe and within yourself and your fellow crewmates. How will you make a name for yourself and your companions?

The Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide contains:

  • An extensive discussion of the state of the Galaxy in the late 24th century, including updated information on the Federation, Starfleet, Pakleds, and more.
  • Detailed information on the lower decks junior officer experience, including daily life, procedures, career development, and more.
  • New lifepath options for player characters, including eight new playable species (including Cetaceans, Gorn, Pakleds, and Exocomps).
  • Game statistics and graphics for seven spaceframes, including the California, Obena, and Parliament classes, and game statistics for over 20 ships from Starfleet and other polities (as well as a selection of ground vehicles)!
  • New gear, technologies, and creatures, as well as a complete system for creating your own creatures.
  • A wealth of advice on gamemastering lower decks-style campaigns, whether you are playing a Starfleet campaign or one based on another polity.
  • More than 50 non-player characters to include in your games, pulled from a variety of polities and species.
  • A three-part mini-campaign focused on junior officers that can be adapted for use in other eras of play and with crews from any polity.
  • Includes a foreword written by Star Trek: Lower Decks creator, Mike McMahan!
NOTE: This book requires a Star Trek Adventures core rulebook to use.
You can pre-order the Lower Decks Campaign Guide here: UK | US.
For more info on Star Trek Adventures, visit the Modiphius store page.
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