Modiphius is Bringing Minifig Wargaming Back with the Definitive Release of BrikWars

The Definitive Release of Mike Rayhawks Minifig Wargame, BRIKWARS, Coming Soon from Modiphius Entertainment

Playtime is Over.

London, United Kingdom (May 5, 2023) — Tabletop game creator and publisher, Modiphius Entertainment, is proud to announce the official, revamped, edited, absolutely, definitely the definitive, retail edition of Mike Rayhawk’s BRIKWARS. Based on years of rambunctious feedback from the worldwide brick building community, this enhanced version is packed with new illustrations from the paintbrush of Mike Rayhawk, bringing the mayhem of brick adventures to life.

“I created BRIKWARS to celebrate the timeless joy of kids smashing construction toys together, and for the past twenty years I’ve had the thrill of watching the community take it in directions infinitely more creative and epic and over-the-top than I’d have ever imagined.” said Mike Rayhawk. “This updated edition is built on the rubble of their many generations of plastic empires and thousands of minifig casualties, and I’m forever excited to see players create and discover all new kinds of never-before-seen creative masterpieces for their minifigs to smash into plastic bits.”

The BrikVerse is dying. Plastic brick models gather dust on bookshelves rather than smashing into each other or exploding even slightly. Their construction matches the photos on the box covers, without a single unexplained tentacle or hundreds of redundant laser cannons. Their pieces are banished from the floor, never to pierce an unsuspecting Human foot.

Common sense and quality building instructions are snuffing out everything construction brick civilization stands for. Minifigkind cries out for a new breed of Hero, more irresponsible and ridiculous than ever seen before. Armed with nothing but fanatically devoted armies, a complete lack of survival instincts, and enormous piles of bricks, these mighty champions are called to push back the terrifying threat of Peace and save the minifig way of life.

The battle to restore mayhem won’t be won by default models. A fight like this takes creeping hordes of hungry munchfigs and towering laser-ninja-dragon-mech-castle-pirate-ship-rainbow tanks. If you can build it, your Heroes can field it in battle, no matter how inadvisable, inexplicable, or over the top.

Inside the BRIKWARS rulebook, you’ll find:

  • A dizzying array of custom weapons and abilities, from the humble brick and the nuclear catapult to world-ending Artifakts and the awesome Orange Transparent Chainsaw
  • Dozens of minifig Specialists – Mechaniks to invent war machines mid-battle, Heroes to pull off impossible Feats with impossible egos, Civilians to order pizza, and more
  • The MOC Combat system for sending infinitely customizable units, creatures, vehicles, and fortifications to their unavoidable and instantaneous doom
  • The Heroic Escapades campaign rules for hogging an ever-bigger series of Heroic spotlights
  • Forbidden knowledge about the mythical Humans and their diabolikal Dice
  • Rules for when to break the rules (it’s always)

Enter a world of bricks, where the joy of destruction outweighs the need for victory, dignity, or logic. Will you conquer your foes through strength of arms, cunning tactics, and an abundance of dumb luck, or will you see your minifigs hilariously blown to plastic scraps and crushed underfoot? No sacrifice is too outrageous in the fight to stave off Peace another day. Can you wreak construction brick chaos and have enough fun to save the BrikVerse?

BRIKWARS will be available to pre-order soon through your friendly local retailers and the Modiphius webstores. For more information signup at

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