In addition to their seminal BattleTech and Shadowrun games–along with Leviathans: The Great War–Catalyst has published several great board games over the years, such as The Duke, Crossfire and Dragonfire. To expand upon those successes Catalyst is forming a dedicated board game division. Those games will be joined by other best-selling, previously acquired games, including Element from Rather Dashing Games and Kittens in a Blender from Redshift Games, to now fall under this new division.

From Mike Richie, Catalyst Board Game Creative Director: “This idea of a Board Game Division has been brewing for some time now, and while we have so many great games and ideas in the works, the first game we’ll be publishing under the division is a special experience. I’d much rather let Randall Bills, Catalyst’s Managing Developer, share this announcement in his own words.”


I’d like to tell you a story. It’s a very personal story. But I hope you’ll allow me to sit momentarily at your table and share it with you.

I’ve worked in the adventure gaming industry for nearly thirty years. If you’ve ever heard of me it was most likely as “that BattleTech guy”. Or perhaps in association with my novels, or one or two of my other game designs, such as the alternate history miniatures game Leviathans, or the Dungeons & Dragons deckbuilder, Dragonfire. It has been my great joy to work on games and universes that I love during all of that time, with literally hundreds of game designers, writers, artists and freelancers from the world over. Not to mention the literally thousands of brilliant gamers. So many of whom I’m lucky to call friends.

However, there’s a new game coming. And despite the lift carried almost completely by someone else, it’s one of the most meaningful projects of my life. You see, for nearly a decade, starting when he was ten, my neurodivergent son, Kenyon has been crafting a massive, dynamic universe of the strange, the sublime, and the creepy. And bringing that creation to life through his wonderfully unique art. Drawing, drawing, and drawing. Drawing that kept him anchored. Drawing that allowed him to find his way. To connect with his teachers. To survive. To make it to the wonderful, creative eighteen-year-old young man he is today.

And along the path Kenyon decided he wanted to make a game with his father. To design how it would work. And to set it in his Doodle Realms creation. And to draw all of the characters. To name them; to write their quotes. To literally do almost everything in the game, with my light hand to assist. We’ve been at this for some time, as we’ve striven to pull Kenyon’s creations out of his wonderful mind and set it before you all. And that time is now.

On May 23, 2023, the Kickstarter for Overlords: In Training will launch: a fun and fast card game where you take on the roles of overlords in training, each trying to impress the Boss enough to survive a battle royale.

Kickstarter Landing Page:

My wife, Tara, Kenyon and I are bringing Overlords: In Training to Kickstarter because we want to share this story. Bringing our family to yours across the tabletop, which is what gaming is all about. Expanding our understanding of each other as we play games and laugh and love.

Thank you for listening to my story. To my wonderful Kenyon’s story. From Kenyon and our family to yours, we hope you enjoy his coming game as much as the magical experience we had bringing it to life.

–Randall N. Bills

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