Blood and Doom Heading Towards Third Stretch Goal

Blood and Doom Heading Towards Third Stretch Goal

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Our friends at Dicetale Games launched the Kickstarter campaign for their dark fantasy tabletop RPG on the 4th of April and it’s heading for the 100,000 euro mark that unleashes its third stretch goal. New stretch goals and add-ons were introduced recently, offering an even higher value for money than when the project achieved full funding within 24 hours after debuting on the crowdfunding platform. All Blood and Doom products are to be distributed by Modiphius, one of the independent tabletop game industry’s most prolific companies.

FREE Digital Products

You can download the full FREE Blood and Doom Primer Bundle now, which includes more than 500 pages extracted from the three core rulebooks, as well as a world map of Athyr, and a sample of the original soundtrack by Knut Avenstraup of Conan Exiles fame.

The FREE Faces of Evil PDF adventure and four pregenerated Characters are also available now after backers got access to it first! In this intensely thrilling 112-page adventure, the PCs will be investigating a recent string of disappearances and murders in the Ethennian trade city of Ashar, where people have started to believe that malevolent supernatural forces are responsible for what has been happening.

More Products as Add-Ons

On the 12th of April, the Kickstarter was updated with the option to get all the adventures in print as a Kickstarter Add-On! All adventures that are already available, that have been unlocked, and that will be unlocked at a later date can be ordered in full-color softcover books.

More Stretch Goals!

The biggest update, however, was made to the Blood and Doom Stretch Goals, adding more and making them easier to reach. Many of these are suggestions from backers, such as Solo Adventures, extra Miniatures, a book on Orders & Factions, and more! As of today we’ve crashed through the first two stretch goals, adding another adventure and maps of the Athyrian solar system and five main campaign regions.

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