Take the Fight to Cybertron in the Newest Expansion!

Take the Fight to Cybertron

Battle as Autobots or Decepticons for Control of Cybertron’s Cities!

The War on Cybertron has raged for millennia. Autobots and Decepticons clash with blaster and robotic fists to determine the fate of the galaxy. As their battle reaches its climax, one shall stand, one shall fall.

Fight for control of Cybertron’s cities, gaining new powers and abilities for each you can claim!

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  • Battle for control over Cybertron’s cities to determine the fate of the planet!
  • Over 175 cards!
  • Navigate a matrix of cards to gather allies, tools, or defeat adversaries.
  • Stand-alone expansion that allow you to play Team vs Team, Solo, or Cooperative game modes!
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Don’t Delay – The Time is Now!

Pre-Order This All-New Aventure Book!

The Decepticons are enacting a nefarious scheme that could change the face of the galaxy in this Adventurefor the Transformers Roleplaying Game! The Time is Now takes your Autobots on a massive four-part adventurefacing perils from both the ancient past and outer space!

Pre-orders will include a free PDF version of the book, so place your pre-order today!


  • Face off against iconic Decepticon enemies including Soundwave and Mindwipe
  • New enemies to face, locations to explore, and maps for tactical combat!
  • Start with 2nd-level characters and advance up to level 6 when you finish!
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