Announcing the Vampire: The Masquerade Player’s Guide and Much More!

Expand Player Options with the Vampire: The Masquerade Player’s Guide!

Packed with new ideas for your coterie!

The Player’s Guide consolidates 7 clans of Kindred not included in the core Vampire: The Masquerade rulebook: Banu Haqim, Hecata, Lasombra, The Ministry, Ravnos, Salubri, and Tzimisce with their iconic Discipline powers including Oblivion and its Ceremonies! This book is the perfect companion to the Core Rulebook for any player! Pre-orders come with a PDF copy of the book at no extra cost, so pre-order today! (EU, UK)


  • Collects previously published Discipline Powers, Blood Sorcery Rituals, and Thin-Blood Alchemy Formulae, plus includes over 40 new additions.
  • Contains new systems and advantages for coteries, including clan coterie merits for each of the 13 great clans plus Caitiff, Duskborn, and Salubri
  • Includes guidelines and advice for non-traditional chronicles, including Thin-blood, troupe-style, virtual play, and play without a Storyteller!

The Banu Haqim & Salubri Come to Rivals!

The Banu Haqim are judges and lawbringers with both martial and sorcerous tools at their disposal. The Salubri are a clan on the run, simply trying to survive – alone if necessary. Rarest of all the clans, their mending abilities are second to none. You may play these two clans head-to-head or integrate them with your other clans to create new strategies, so Pre-Order Today (EUUK) and get the amazing leader promos below at no cost!

The Salubri are rare, so rare in fact that you may only have one in play at a time! Don’t worry though, they come with a slew of tools to make a single-vampire coterie viable!

The Banu Haqim are a clan steeped in tradition, with a strong sense of justice. They aren’t afraid to punish Vampires that transgress, even through unauthorized diablerie if necessary! Check out our first look at some of the expansion’s cards on YouTube, and look forward to more previews soon!

Pre orders will come with alternate-art versions of the two clan leaders, Chiara & Alraaz Tahir, at no cost!

Brick & mortar stores may also sign up for the Justice & Mercy pre-release, giving them early access to this new expansion 2 weeks before it hits retail! Pre-Order Today! (EU, UK)

New Books & Accessories for Hunter: The Reckoning!

What lines are you willing to cross when you push back against the evil that walks among us? Lines Drawn in Blood presents a series of four stories that can be played individually or linked together to tell an entire chronicle.

  • Pressure Test: Ghostly incursions are far more than the weight of individual sorrow.
  • Outsiders: The residents of a small town break an ancient pact and pay the price.
  • Blur the Lines: Occult symbols at a murder scene drag Hunters into a race against time.
  • Alone in the Dark: Far from city lights, a nest of monsters pull the strings of a lonely northern town.

Pre-order today (EU, UK) and receive a FREE PDF copy with your order!

Bring your stories of desperate measures for Hunter: The Reckoning to life with the Storyteller’s Screen and Toolkit. The four-panel Storyteller’s Screen displays all-new art on the front and key reference tables for the Storyteller on the back, all the while keeping your notes and rolls secret. The Storyteller’s Toolkit is full of additional rules advice covering more situations (whether investigation or combat), a list of witnesses for Storyteller inspiration, and a complete story you can use for one or more evenings of play. As usual, pre-orders will include a free PDF copy of the Storyteller’s Toolkit, so don’t delay, pre-order today! (EU, UK)

Step up your game with these premium tokens designed to track Danger, Despair, and Desperation. These tokens provide a visual and tactile way to track the Danger and Desperation of the group and individual player’s fall to Despair! Includes 5 40mm poker-chip tokens for each! Pre-order today! (EU, UK)

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