Announcing Two New G.I. JOE Expansions!

New Allies (and Enemies) Join the Fray!

Announcing Two New G.I. JOE Expansions

Chaos has arrived! The Dreadnoks, led by Cobra agent Zartan, are an outlaw biker gang devoted to spreading anarchy and panic before quietly slipping away. Zartan’s lieutenants, Zarana and Road Pig, are masters at sowing destruction – they will be formidable foes to bring to justice!

Thankfully, G.I. Joe has called in reinforcements! The elite ranger Beach Head and the expert paratrooper Ripcord have been deployed to stop Zartan before he leaves the world in ruins.

Pre-order and you’ll get Vehicle Pack #2, which includes fan-favorites like the Tomahawk Heavy-Lift Helicopter and X-19 Stealth Fighter FREE!

The Joes get a visit from an unexpected ally, Bumblebee, who warns that their arch-enemy Cobra has teamed up with their enemy, the Decepticons, and that what they are planning will not bode well for planet Earth or the people who call it home.

The forces of Cobra have new allies in their plot to take over the world! Alien robots have landed on Earth and it’s up to G.I. Joe to figure out if they’re friend or foe! In this expansion, the Joe’s will have to team up with the Autobots and investigate the Cobra/Decepticon plot. Take advantage of the Autobots’ different modes to ride into missions or add some cybernetic muscle to your teams! Check out Bumblebee and Optimus Prime below!

Pre-orders get Bonus Box #4 FREE, which included a double-layered Ark board and two new promo cards!

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