Legend of Ghost Mountain for Savage Worlds on Kickstarter!

Launching Today on Kickstarter – Legend of Ghost Mountain for Savage Worlds

Explore a vast land of magic, mystery, and martial arts mayhem!!

The year 2023 is the 20th Anniversary of Savage Worlds and we’re kicking off the #yearofsavageworlds with our 31st Kickstarter: The Legend of Ghost Mountain which launches Noon Eastern on January 19th and ends the evening of Friday, February 17th.

The Central Kingdom is a vast land of magicmystery, and high-flying martial arts action! Hosting a physical gate to the underworld, Ghost Mountain is guarded by the Ghost Wardens who use magical power drawn from strong emotions like RageFearJoy, Disgust, and Sorrow to fuel mystical martial arts techniques to protect the sacred site and usher the souls of the dead peacefully to the afterlife. But something has gone wrong! The dead rebel in unprecedented numbers and commit atrocities against the living. Only the Ghost Wardens can set things right. This is the story of those heroes as their trials and deeds become legend.

No legend is complete without a dragon! As a special bonus for the campaign, we’re introducing the Imperial Dragon miniature. Standing at 4.5 inches (~120 millimeters) tall, all Legend of Ghost Mountain Boxed Set (Print) backers receive this mini as a FREE, thank-you bonus for showing their support for the Ghost Wardens. If you are a mini collector, you can also back at the Imperial Dragon tier to pledge for the mini alone.

The Boxed Set offers epic value! 

The Legend of Ghost Mountain Boxed Set requires Savage Worlds to play, but contains everything else needed to bring the action and adventure to the table:

The Legend of Ghost Mountain core book. 192 pages containing options for creating heroes, a history and gazetteer of the setting, encounter tables and an adventure generator, the Face the Inevitable Plot Point Campaign itself, and a vast bestiary of various foes.

Ghost Warden Archetypes. More than just simple archetype cards, these full sheets contain each iconic Warden’s story and descriptions of their powers. The Plot Point Campaign has specific hooks to weave these characters into the story if they are used.

Legend of Ghost Mountain Pawns. Six sheets of creatures and characters, beautiful full-color art front and back, on 1.5mm punchboard form cut to match the figure’s silhouette. Easy to transport, hundreds of figures, and no painting needed. Bring on the epic tactical action!

Two double-sided fold-out poster maps with unique tactical arenas for kung fu action straight from the Plot Point Campaign.

The gorgeous map of the Central Empire to track your Ghost Warden’s progress as they choose their path and race across the country to face the Inevitable Army.

A three-panel GM screen with info on emotion and martial arts for the setting, along with handy tables for encounters and generating haunts. Inside is a 32-page adventure, The Ashen Monk Uprising, where your wardens can continue their adventures.

A new Action Deck, themed with characters, monsters, and art from the setting to better immerse your players in the action.

A set of Savage Worlds dice and a special Wild Die to put the feel of the Central Empire in your hands.

A full set of Bennies for when the fists start to fly!

FREE 4.5 inch Imperial Dragon Miniature!

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