Time Raiders, an Eastern-Style Adventure MMORPG, Open for Public Beta

Gtarcade’s first eastern-style adventure MMORPG game, Time Raiders, will be open for public beta on October 13th. Participate in the exclusive events on Facebook to win tons of gifts and items to use in-game!

The world of Time Raiders is filled with high-quality 3D graphics and a vast underground world to delve into. There are three different classes available, each with their own unique playstyle for players to choose from: Blademaster, Gunslinger and Sage. Gather members to join your clan, raise loyal pets, and summon valiant companions to fight by your side against the evil that lurks in the darkness.

Participate in battles against the most daunting of beasts and discover ancient treasure while authenticating relics. Step in to the Undead Lair if you dare, to discover tons of fearsome creatures that guard the most valuable of relics. The higher the monster level, the better the treasure will be! Do you have what it takes to head the most prosperous clan of them all?

In the unique Artifact Codex of Time Raiders, you can activate artifacts that you find. Special artifacts will grant you all kinds of attributes, and completing artifact collections boosts your power even more! On top of the extra attributes, these artifacts also contain a deep, profound culture. You’ll learn something new with each and every artifact you discover!

Become a legend, or get buried trying! The entrance to this vast, mysterious world will open for you on October 13th. In the meantime, join our community through our official website to stay tuned to the latest news, check out our Facebook for special information, or check out our YouTube to immerse yourself in the game’s atmosphere and visual effects early.

FB: https://facebook.com/TimeRaidersMobileOfficial
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG2oFdmdYjBhg9die8-3QfA
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TimeRaidersMobile/

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