Review: Raging Swan Press – Fellowship of the Blackened Oak

Product Name: Fellowship of the Blackened Oak
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
Author: Creighton Broadhurst, Christian Alipounarian
System: Pathfinder
Series: GM’s Resource
Theme: Epic Fantasy
Type: Third Party Supplement

Fellowship of the Blackened Oak is the next in Raging Swan Press’s line of GM’s Resource supplements for Pathfinder. Unlike some of the other supplements, this one is more than just a resource. At its roots is a group of seemingly different characters allied with an obsessed wyrm seeking her birthright. At one end is a group of NPCs or Pre-generated characters for use within virtually any adventure or campaign, while at the other end is the framework of an entire adventure or launching point for a campaign. This supplement is very similar to the TRIBES line of supplements in that it takes a 3-dimensional look at seemingly mundane NPCs and turns them into characters with depth like a standard PC.

The obsessed wyrm is almost comical in nature as to how she won’t give up her search to find and claim her birthright. This creature is presented in a similar manner to the other characters with a fully detailed background, applicable stats and everything one would need to bring the character to life. All together, this GM’s Resource is one very valuable supplement for an extremely reasonable price.


Fellowship of the Blackened Oak opens up with an overview of the characters involved within the group of allies. This is not a look at their background, but a quick 1,000 mile view of how the characters are used within encounters. After this, the supplement dives right into the young dragon’s life in a 4-page spread including a detailed background and personality, physical features, applicable stats, a look at the what the dragon seeks and a quick list of plot hooks.

After understanding why this group has been brought together, the supplement moves into detailing each individual character. Each character is given a full 2-page spread which includes a detailed background and personality, physical features, applicable stats and a great list of plot hooks. A bust illustration accompanies each character’s description.

The supplement ends with a journal entry from an adventurer that knows about what the dragon seeks, but one will have to get the supplement to fully understand its use.


Fellowship of the Blackened Oak is a very valuable supplement. Not just for the content but for the sheer number of opportunities that are presented to a GM to create interesting encounters, great adventures and interesting campaigns. It really takes a 360-degree look at a group of NPCs that can be implemented in a number of ways. They could simply be encountered on their own, used as main antagonists, combated as a group or become the source of a delve into the birthright of their wyrm ally.


Publication Quality: 10 out of 10
The key to Fellowship of the Blackened Oak is content. While the layout and presentation follow the simple, easily-read method utilized by Raging Swan Press in all their publications, it is the content that truly stands out. The illustrations are busts of the characters and give a good idea of what they are and look like, but the descriptions of the characters is where the value lies. Each one is fully described and detailed and their physical appearance is a moot point. Raging Swan Press does a great job of accentuating what is most important for this supplement.

There are no new mechanics, only combination’s of existing mechanics. Thus a “Mechanics” rating is not being given.

Value Add: 10 out of 10
What makes Fellowship of the Blackened Oak so valuable is how well-rounded it is. As stated before, it can be used for NPCs, pre-generated characters, a group of enemies, a group of allies, adventure framework or even campaign storyline. There is a wealth of material here and every aspect of this group is covered.

Overall: 10 out of 10
For GMs looking to grab some quick information to add, enhance or build upon their adventures or campaigns, Fellowship of the Blackened Oak is a fantastic source. Everything about this supplement feels complete; the content covers almost every known aspect of this group of allies.

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