Go Your Own Way with Five Leagues From the Borderlands and The Solo Game Master’s Guide — Available Now

Solitude is bliss. Especially when creating and going on epic fantasy adventures!

Today, Modiphius Entertainment is making two exciting solo tabletop RPG titles available through their co-publishing and distribution program, VIA Modiphius: Five Leagues From the Borderlands and The Solo Game Master’s Guide. Both books are now available online through the Modiphius website, and they will be shopping to US retail shops on July 29, 2022.

Five Leagues From the Borderlands

The latest series of games in Ivan Sorenson’s “Five X from the X” franchise, Five Leagues From the Borderlands features procedurally generated experiences mixing dungeon delves and overland explorations, all set in a harsh, battle-torn fantasy world plagued by monsters and malice that threaten to overtake everything. The game is designed from the ground up with solo-play in mind, but it is suitable for co-op gameplay as well. Five Leagues From the Borderlands features over 100 different enemy types, 17 unique foes, and six scenario types that can play out in many ways.

Can your band of hardened heroes reclaim the land from the darkness, or will they be just another group of fallen warriors, forgotten to time? Order Five Leagues From the Borderlands here: [UK] [US]

The Solo Game Master’s Guide

The Solo Game Master’s Guide, written by Geek Gamers, the host of one of YouTube’s premiere solo RPG channels, is a crash course in solo storytelling; a toolkit to help your solo sessions shine as brightly as hers do. It will give aspiring solo RPG-ers the confidence to pick up any ruleset from any game, regardless of its age, complexity, or theme, and generate immersive adventures for themselves. Readers will discover how to avoid common storytelling pitfalls, how to play with the most popular rule sets, the ten mindsets of a successful solo GM, and so much more.

With the skills the book provides, players will be able to drive their stories forward in compelling and natural ways. Order The Solo Game Master’s Guide here: [UK] [US]

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