Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds at Retail, Curse Expansion on Kickstarter!

It’s time to save the city of Korvosa!

Pinnacle Entertainment Group has officially launched our next Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Kickstarter Booster campaign, this time in support of the new Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Advanced Player’s Guide AND Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path:

Only your heroes can rescue the Jewel of Varisia from the dangers threatening to tear it apart! Adventure through six books of shadowy intrigue, deadly plague, and foes from all sides using the Savage Worlds ruleset.

Between the machinations of crimelords, the harsh trials of the Shoanti barbarians, the undead legions of Kazavon, and the draconian fist of the queen, can your party save Korvosa from ruin?

Curse of the Crimson Throne offers players the chance to fight back against a draconian monarch, delve the depths of urban adventure in the city of Korvosa, root out organized crime, stem domestic unrest, and end a plague!

The new boxed set comes with everything you need for an unforgettable experience at the game table: In addition to the six softcover books of the Adventure Path itself, you also get the hardcover Guide to Korvosa, which details everything you need to know about the culture, geography, and peoples of the port city. You also get a full color Crimson Throne Poster Map to track your party’s adventures along this savage and exciting tale! New Adversary Cards just for Curse of the Crimson Throne keep stats for important and useful enemies right at your fingertips, while the Crimson Throne Handouts give your players something to get their fingers on.

Plus, use the Harrow Deck to perform mystical “harrowings” that speak to the past, present, and future of your heroes. These tellings grant special benefits to the players and even foreshadow moments where each character serves as the chosen servant of destiny.

Additionally, the Advanced Player’s Guide opens up six new base classes: the monster-hunting Inquisitor, the explosive Alchemist, the noble Cavalier, the prophecy-haunted Oracle, the monster crafting Summoner, and the hex-weaving Witch.

Players will also find a host of new prestige classes, fantastic gear, new powers and magic items, new Edges, Hindrances, and Skills, and new ancestries!

Play as celestial-blooded Aasimar, nimble Catfolk, half-living Dhampirs, or fiend-born Tieflings with an expanded list of ancestry options to choose from. Or try out the alternate ancestral abilities for your classic favorites: DwarvesElvesGnomesHalf-ElvesHalf-Orcs, and Halflings.

Visit the Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds – Curse of the Crimson Throne Kickstarter page right now to review all the Reward Levels and Add Ons and to make a pledge!

It’s hard for a small company like ours to get the word out about our games and our settings. If you care to champion the cause, light the signal fires across all your socials, tell the members of your game group, and share links to our official Facebook page as well as our TwitterInstagram, and Twitch accounts.

We are extremely grateful for your support!

If you missed out on our first Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Kickstarter campaign, the Ultimate Core Boxed Set and the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path Boxed Set are available for order from PEGINC.COM and shipping to retail!

The 256-page, hardback book gives you all-new Class Edges, new powers and power options, gear specific to the world of Golarion, magic items, and more. And you don’t need the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition for this one—the entire core Savage Worlds rules system, streamlined and tweaked for Savage Pathfinder, is included!

We’ve also created a 128-page hardback Pathfinder for Savage Worlds BestiaryGame Master’s Screen with the classic and atmospheric adventure Hollow’s Last Hope.

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