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Take the battle to Prague in The Heart of Europe, the newest expansion for Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals! The Heart of Europe is a must-have for any Rivals fan! Unlike previous expansions, The Heart of Europe does not add new clans to the game. Instead, it contains cards to expand all ten existing clans, as well as a new city deck, set in historic Prague!

New Vampires, Agendas, Havens, and more will offer new options for existing decks, as well as entirely new deck archetypes. Prague introduces a new set of events, new mortals to fight, and the Team X Operatives, religious fanatics serving as the Second Inquisition’s agents in the city. We’ll be previewing the expansions contents on our Vampire Wednesday streams over the coming weeks, starting tonight at 5PM Pacific!

Pre-orders will include alternate-art versions of Sebastian and Emil Hruza, two new Vampires featuring a previously unheard-of 7 Blood Potency!

Finally, we are happy to announce that we can now offer pre-orders to our customers in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand from our main webstore!

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