G.I. JOE Mission Critical is Live on Kickstarter!

Alert! Alert! G.I. JOE Mission Critical is live on Kickstarter, along with the first expansion, G.I. JOE Mission Critical: Heavy Firepower, the Mission Critical Dice Pack, Vehicle Pack #1, and the Retro Snake Eyes character promo!

We need all the help we can get to stop Cobra Commander, so you can head on over to Kickstarter now to back the campaign, and stay tuned since we’ll be sharing tons more info on the game over the coming days!

G.I. JOE Mission Critical runs on the same Guardian System that fuels the action of Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid, for a fully-cooperative challenge with 1-5 players. Build your JOE team, choose your enemies, then defend the world from Cobra’s evil machinations!

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