Journey Beyond the Stars — Star Trek: Discovery Campaign Guide Available for Pre-Order from Modiphius

The scene is set, and you and your crew are primed to embark on an interstellar adventure. Available now for preorder [US/UK], the Star Trek: Discovery (2256-2258) Campaign Guide for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game takes players through a daring three-part campaign set during the crucial final months of the Federation-Klingon War.

A treasure for sci-fi fans, the Star Trek: Discovery (2256-2258) Campaign Guide provides a detailed sandbox sourcebook focused on the intense events of 2256-2258, with additional information covering the years between Star Trek: Enterprise and the original series. Set the stage for your fellow space adventurers with a myriad of helpful tips, strategies, and guides on how to curate your intergalactic stories! Included in the guide are five new playable alien species, including the Kelpiens and Saurians, as well as additional lifepath options for player characters, a selection of NPCs relevant to the time period, ten new Starfleet spaceframes, 11 new Klingon spaceframes, and an assortment of NPC starships.

Published by Modiphius Entertainment, Star Trek: Discovery (2256-2258) Campaign Guide is available now for pre-order on the Modiphius web store.

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