Outland, Pinnacle, and Visionary Launch Joint Venture in Outrider

Outland Entertainment, led by Publisher Jeremy Mohler, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, owned by Shane Hensley, and Visionary Creative Services have announced a joint venture to launch an entire line of comics, graphic novels, prose anthologies, and prose novels based on Pinnacle’s original game properties, such as their wildly popular Deadlands game. The new imprint will be Outrider Publications.

The deal is the first major licensing deal announced following Outland’s hiring of Visionary’s Chief Creative Officer, C. Edward Sellner, to serve as their Licensing Director, and marks a return to the partnership which Visionary and Pinnacle had previously which led to three graphic novels from Image and IDW, and three prose novels from Tor Books. Sellner will also serve as Editor-in-Chief for Outrider.

The joint venture has already announced their first projects rolling out through the rest of 2022, with more to come in coming months.

First up is the re-release of exclusive hardcover editions of the original three graphic novels produced previously under Visionary. The first book, Dead Man’s Hand just launched a Kickstarter campaign for its release. Raven, and The Cackler will follow.

New editions of previous Pinnacle fiction will also be released on a staggered schedule through 2022 and 2023.

A brand new Deadlands Anthology, edited by New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry, and the first original novel set in the world of Rippers: Resurrected by award-winning author David Boop will both release later this year.

Two new Deadlands comics series are currently in production, and two projects set in the East Texas University setting are also in the works from the creators of the game, Preston DuBose, Craig Largent, and Ed Wetterman.

Some will be crowdfunded for their initial printing, and all projects will be released into the mainstream book market and the direct comics market. For more details check out the websites of the respective companies.

About Outland
Outland Entertainment is an independent publisher specializing in transmedia worldbuilding in speculative long and short fiction, comics, graphic novels, tabletop and RPG games, and other forms of media. We design, produce, and distribute our products. Our works are available on our website and networks like IPG and Comixology.
For more information, go to our web site: www.outlandentertainment.com

About Visionary
Visionary Creative Services is one of the leading creative production studios in the entertainment industry. With over ten years experience in the market, numerous completed projects, multiple aspiring creators they’ve shepherded to professional work, and other top creators they’ve represented, the studio has built a reputation of quality and integrity hard to match.
For more information, go to our web site: www.visionarycreativeservices.com

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