Modiphius Releases Exciting New TTRPG PDFs for Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, Infinity, and Star Trek Adventures

Prepare to journey through space, battle ancient horrors beyond human understanding, and traverse through the jungles of Paradiso as renowned tabletop boardgame and RPG creator/publisher Modiphius Entertainment is releasing several PDF campaign guides and supplements for Achtung! Cthulhu, Star Trek Adventures, Mutant Chronicles, and Infinity RPG . Available now, these products can be purchased and downloaded directly from Modiphius’ website or DriveThruRPG. Let’s take a look at what this roleplaying roundup has to offer:

Infinity: Adventures in the Human Sphere:
Infinity: 0-12 Files (Print and PDF) supplement: Inside this 123-page book, you will learn about the O-12, the Infinity setting’s version of the United Nations, and its vast bureaucratic machine. You’ll learn about O-12’s many and various bureaus with a special emphasis on the agencies and ultimately people that strive to keep ruin from the door.

Availability: Modiphius UK / US Store & DriveThruRPG

Infinity: TAGs (Tactical Armoured Gears): “TAG! YOU’RE IT!” From the ashes of the Nanotech Wars and the Central American Campaign, a new race of metal colossi threw off the shackles of the aging tank to become the ultimate in military armor. Setting the pace for even faster conflicts, where rapid deployment and asymmetric conflict is the rule, the TAG is a devastating innovation that brings lethal firepower to the spear tip of any conflict.

So, hop in, buckle up, and log on to your avatar of war. You will guide these titans into battle against disgruntled miners, ferocious space pirates, and the brutal might of foes both human and the stuff of nightmares.

Availability: Modiphius UK / US Store & DriveThruRPG

Infinity: Acheron Cascade Campaign (Print and PDF): Mired in the jungles of Paradiso, three conspiracies will lead the player characters across the Human Sphere to uncover the treachery that lies at the very heart of the war.

A series of secret plots lead the agents to investigate a number of factions, taking in such disparate and dangerous locations as the notorious Black Labs of Praxis, Yu Jing’s Zhi Shan Centre, the Snark Lands of Dawn, and finally, the Acheron Blockade itself!

Face off against conspirators, terrorists, and the alien menace of the Combined Army in an action-packed Sphere-spanning campaign that uncovers the true extent of the Combined Army’s efforts to bring the Human Sphere into the fold.

Availability: Modiphius UK / US Store & DriveThruRPG

Star Trek Adventures: Missions: Upsetting the Balance
Available for purchase and download is the latest addition to Star Trek Adventures,  MISSION – Upsetting the Balance is available for purchase and download. A scenario written for Klingon player characters, this mission captures the feel of the iconic species by showcasing a situation that portrays them as the warriors who seek glory and victory in battle; but also, that they are a people of high honor and will stand by those they share an alliance with. Embark through this well-crafted campaign and discover the new twist on an old trope.

Availability: Modiphius UK / US Store & DriveThruRPG

Mutant Chronicles – Siege of the Citadel Crossover Book:
Previously only available to Siege of the Citadel Kickstarter backers, this digital release aims to bridge the divide between the Mutant Chronicles Roleplaying Game and the Siege of the Citadel board game.

The 83-page supplement presents rules and guidance that converts material from the board game for use in the RPG such as character sheets for 18 legendary characters including Lori Faust, Max Steiner, and Inquisitor Nikodemus!

Most of this PDF’s content can be used without any knowledge of, or components from, the Siege of the Citadel board game, but you will require access to the Mutant Chronicles Roleplaying Game core rulebook.

Availability: Modiphius UK / US Store & DriveThruRPG

Achtung! Cthulhu 2D20: Operation Wallace:
Saving the most cursed for last, Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20: Operation Wallace takes players to the dreary streets of WWII-era London and beyond in a race against time versus the enemy within! It’s up to Section M’s studious operatives to trace sinister radio signals to their source, employ code and cipher breaking, and embark on a desperate chase across the city to piece together evidence leading to the terrifying discovery that a cult intends to conduct eldritch rites in the capital itself.

Can your agents find the rite’s location, foil the plans of this sinister cult, and prevent the return of a native horror that has lain dormant down the ages?

Availability: Modiphius UK / US Store & DriveThruRPG

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