Modiphius Invites TTRPG Fans to Explore Space or Ancient Lands with New Releases for Homeworld: Revelations and Legends of Avallen

Ready to travel into space and sift through the wreckage of a once great and ancient starship? Or maybe explore a mysterious land based on the Celtic myths of ancient Britain? Today you can do both, as Modiphius Entertainment released the free Quickstart rules for the upcoming officially licensed Homeworld: Revelations tabletop role-playing game, along with the core rulebook PDF for the fantasy RPG Legends of Avallen.

In the 68-page Homeworld: Revelations Quickstart, you’ll join an archaeological expedition as they set forth to uncover the secrets of the Khar-Toba, an ancient ship whose mysteries have been lost to time. But beware, you’re not the only team headed towards her. The race is on!

The Homeworld: Revelations Quickstart contains:

  • Complete starter rule set for Homeworld: Revelations 2d20 with plenty of hints and tips for new GMs
  • A thrilling adventure leading a team of archaeologists into a thousand-year-old spaceship wreck to retrieve valuable artifacts
  • Five pre-generated characters so you can pick up and play the game straight away
  • Enjoy your first taste of the infinite possibilities of the Homeworld: Revelations universe

Download the free Quickstart from, Modiphius’ US store, or DriveThruRPG.

Also available now is the PDF version of the Legends of Avallen tabletop RPG Core Rulebook. Inspired by Celtic mythology in Roman Britain, Avallen takes you to a mystical island occupied by faithless invaders. For now, peace has been called, but it balances on a sword’s edge as all seek to tame the Otherworld, a parallel realm home to fae, demons, dragons, and gods.

On Avallen, the greatest legends rise from humble beginnings, and yours will be no different. The shepherd ordained as a Druid, the bard reborn as a Fae Touched, the thief who found glory as a Gladiator. What tales will be told of you? Will you mend the rifts between worlds, or delve into their depths for fame, fortune, and power?

Legends of Avallen features:

  • Quick character creation with deep character growth. Witness your humble townsperson rise into legend with 40 profession, martial, magic, and legendary ability schools.
  • Engaging mechanics that reward ingenuity. Setup allies in combat, uncover motivations in parleys, craft gear from slain monsters, and navigate risks on epic journeys.
  • An original ruleset that needs just a deck of regular playing cards. Get creative with your surroundings and work together with your friends to earn more cards for checks.
  • Extensive guides, tools, world lore, and a bestiary full of Celtic creatures to help Gamemasters craft their own unique quests
  • Includes “Quest for the Sealing Stone,” an introductory adventure that teaches your aspiring heroes the game rules as you play

Purchase and download the Legends of Avallen Core Rulebook PDF from, Modiphius’ US store, or DriveThruRPG.

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