Paizo Expands Leadership Team

November 4, 2021 (Redmond, WA) CEO Lisa Stevens recently expanded the Paizo Leadership Team to include industry veterans Mike Webb and Jim Butler. Mike and Jim join Jeff Alvarez, Erik Mona, Lisa Stevens, and David Reuland as they work together to drive Paizo into the future.

“With me stepping back from day-to-day operations of Paizo, it’s been important for me to find leaders that can guide the company into the future,” said Lisa Stevens, CEO of Paizo.

Jim Butler began working in the industry as an editor and game designer for TSR, eventually moving to Seattle with Wizards of the Coast where he worked alongside Lisa Stevens on the brand team for Dungeons & Dragons. Jim founded Bastion Press before working for Turbine/WB Games on Dungeons & Dragons Online and The Lord of the Rings Online. He then worked for Trion Worlds as Director of Global Marketing for RIFT and other MMOs.He completed the circle in 2017 when he returned to Seattle to work for Paizo as Vice President of Marketing and Licensing. He lives in Redmond with his husband Matthew and their furkids (Toker, Stella, and Skylar).

“I’m excited to bring my experiences and expertise to help shape the future of Paizo,” said Jim Butler. “Gaming is an integral part of my life, and I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the leadership team to grow the Pathfinder and Starfinder brands for many years to come!”

Mike Webb has been a role player since 1980, and made his living in the industry since 1997, when he joined Zocchi Distributing as Vice President and General Manager. In 2000, he joined the crew of Alliance Game Distributors as Vice President of Customer Service and Marketing, where he led innovative and national award winning in-store promotions and marketing programs. He has been active in the community, serving 14 years on the Game Manufacturers Association Board of Directors, and running miniature games and rpgs at local and nationwide conventions. An avid fan of Pathfinder from the beginning, Mike joined the Paizo team in July 2021. Mike lives in Decatur, Indiana where he runs a weekly Pathfinder game for his high school son.

“I’ve long found Paizo to epitomize what’s great about our business. Bringing people to the table to tell epic stories together, providing truly mythic campaigns and Adventure Paths, and providing GMs and players tools that expand that experience – these are the things that made me a fan,” said Mike Webb, Vice President of Sales and E-Commerce. “Having the chance to join a team I’ve admired for years is the opportunity of a lifetime.”


Paizo Inc. is the publisher of the award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Pathfinder Tales novels, as well as numerous board games and accessories. In the nearly 20 years since its founding, Paizo has received more than 100 major awards and has grown to become one of the most influential companies in the hobby games industry. For more information, visit

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