The Next Expansion for Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals is Now Available for Pre-Order!

The Wolf & The Rat is the second expansion for the Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals Expandable Card Game. Like the core set and Blood & Alchemy Expansions, The Wolf & The Rat introduces new Vampire clans, each with their own pre-constructed decks, in addition to new cards opening up additional deck possibilities for these and the already existing clans!

Call upon the city’s animal population as the bestial Gangrel clan, or take on the role of the Nosferatu who interact with the mortal inhabitants and desire to keep them safe for their own purposes… Both new clans have unique and exciting playstyles and potential to combine with existing cards and clans for even more depth!

Pre-order and receive monstrous alt-art versions of Tamaska and General Flint at no additional cost!

Pre-Order Now (US)
Pre-Order Now (UK)
Pre-Order Now (EU)

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