Planegea 5E Campaign Funds on Kickstarter

Highly Anticipated Planegea 5E Campaign Setting Funds in 30 Minutes on Kickstarter Launch Today

Proctor, MN, Oct 19, 2021 — Atlas Games launched its newest Kickstarter campaign today, for the Planegea prehistoric fantasy campaign setting for 5th Edition. The campaign funded in an unprecedented 30 minutes after its 10:30am CST launch.

Atlas Games is the publisher of the extensive 3rd Edition Penumbra series, as well as the critically acclaimed Nyambe: African Adventures and Northern Crown: New World Adventures campaign settings. Planegea 5E is the company’s first foray into 5th Edition. “We’ve been waiting for the right IP,” Atlas Games co-owner Michelle Nephew commented. “I knew when I first saw it that Planegea was something special. Who could resist dinos and dragons … together?!” This is Atlas Games’ 11th crowdfunding project. They’ve delivered eight Kickstarter campaigns so far, with two more en route from China and fulfilling by the end of 2021.

Planegea author David Somerville, who also created the hit board game Vast: The Crystal Caverns, says he designed the Planegea setting “out of a love for adventure and the desire to explore new horizons of fantasy at my own gaming table.” He created much of the setting while on a year-long RV trip around the US with his family. Those landscapes and natural wonders inspired the breadth and scale of Planegea.

The Planegea 5E Kickstarter campaign includes:

  • Planegea 5E Standard Edition with over 350 pages of new 5E content
  • Planegea 5E Deluxe Edition with dino-green embossed foil leatherette cover and slipcase
  • Planegea GM Screen
  • In the Lair of the Night Thing Adventure
  • The Stone Age Soundtrack Digital Files
  • Echoes of Planegea Digital Adventures

About Atlas Games
Atlas Games is a tabletop publisher of board games, card games, and roleplaying games. Their first books came out in 1990, making them one of the most reliable hobby game publishers in the industry. Notable products include Gloom, Once Upon A Time, and Feng Shui.

About Author David Somerville
David’s other game design credits include creator of the asymmetric board games Vast: The Crystal Caverns and Lightning & Bolt, writer & worldbuilder for the AR mobile game Farhaven, and author of the innovative TTRPG Never Tell Me The Odds.

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