Hark Adventurers and Collectors! Two New Dark Brotherhood Miniature Sets for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Tabletop Wargame Available

Modiphius Entertainment today released two new resin miniature sets for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. These collections focus on The Dark Brotherhood, a particularly renowned, revered, and feared faction of nefarious assassins from across the mythical lands of Tamriel. Both kits, The Council of the Dark Brotherhood and Dark Brotherhood Aspirants, feature six highly detailed figures with corresponding scenic bases to make your explorations into the lands of Tamriel an experience rife with danger around every corner, glory to be won, and fierce battles to be fought!

The Council of the Dark Brotherhood set includes Astrid, the assassin leader, Festus Krex, the dangerous spell slinger, Babette the Vampire, Nazir and Gabrielle, two master assassins, and Vezeera, a Shadowscale.

The Dark Brotherhood Aspirants collection includes three Dark Brotherhood assassins and three initiates, ready for you to assemble and send stalking the streets in search of prey!

Each set includes six highly detailed terrain bases for mounting your miniatures!
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