Roll & Play Oodles of Oozes

Broken Things is launching their spiritual sequel to Rolled & Told, Dragon Magazine, and many others on June 23, 2021 with their initial issue: Oodles of Oozes. The issue will be over 80 pages (100 with stretch goals) of ooze & slime related content for your RPGs. With everything from a Warlock patron that is the god of all oozes, a playable ooze-person race, tons of magic items that have to be fed to keep working, and even a few set-piece inspired boss monsters, there’s something for nearly every tabletop group.
Coming from Broken Things Studios, this first issue is a proof-of-concept for the idea and to continue to grow their brand of accessible and inclusive games. Expected delivery date is by Q4 2021.
The Kickstarter link is here:

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