The Nowhereville Kickstarter is Live!

This just in from NerdBurger Games…

You’ve lived in this town for years. Seemed like a nice enough place. Lately, though, you’ve started noticing just how not nice the town is. The mortality rate is way too high for such a small burg. Weird reports come in regularly. Things creep in the dark. And no one seems to care…or even remember.

The Nowhereville Kickstarter is live!

Nowhereville is a horror RPG set in a small town that won’t let you leave and is inspired by Stephen King stories, The X-Files, and Twin Peaks.

In the game, you portray a resident who has started noticing the strange, violent, and horrific things that happen in town. You take action to stop bad things from happening, foil plots, and defeat monsters. And if you’re really lucky, someday you might get to leave.

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