Candlekeep Mysteries Releases Today

Great books hide their secrets well and, beginning today, Dungeons & Dragons fans can indulge in these secrets with an anthology of seventeen mystery-themed adventures in Candlekeep Mysteries.

Centered around a single book found in the iconic library fortress, the adventures—many written by new authors—are intended to be played as one-shots in-person or online, or simply dropped into any existing campaign.

As you prepare for a mystery-filled adventure, below is a list of resources that you might find helpful and/or interesting for any articles that you are working on related to the release:

  • Watch as Chris Perkins, Principal Designer for D&D, talks about Candlekeep Mysteries.

To celebrate the release and Candlekeep Mysteries’ vast collection of books, Dungeons & Dragons will be making a product donation to libraries across the country to help support local communities.

Enter the doorways where danger and glory await!

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