City of Winter – Indie RPG Nears Double Funding on Kickstarter

Heart of the Deernicorn, an award-winning RPG publisher in Olympia Washington, was excited to launch the Kickstarter for a new storygame, City of Winter on February 24th. In the first few weeks of the funding campaign City of Winter has already raised $88,000 of its original $45,000 goal! City of Winter is a storygame that is printed on a five foot canvas scroll and played with a combination of metal tokens and cards. When the players reach the titular city they will transition to the included City Map which is its own canvas print. City of Winter guides the players through the saga of a family’s migration, traditions, and how those things change during a long journey to the City.

City of Winter was designed by Ross Cowman at Heart of the Deernicorn Studios. Ross has also designed the award winning Fall of Magic. Heart of the Deernicorn is a small RPG production company which aims to build community, expand our sense of possibility and inspire creativity.

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