Dark Fantasy Meets Cyberpunk in the Crystalpunk D&D Campaign Setting

Grab your free preview of Crystalpunk, a magic-fueled future for D&D 5e

Plus Three Press recently announced the launch date of their upcoming Kickstarter project – Crystalpunk, a futuristic D&D campaign setting where spells, souls, demons, and infused crystals fuel brutal, unique technology. There are two free previews of Crystalpunk that you can get right now for free: a new class perfect for creating cyborgs and mutants called the Evolutionist, and a short story set within the world: the Soul Thief.

The campaign setting launches on Kickstarter February 3rd and aims to answer the question – “What would a fantasy setting look like in a dark future?” It will include a unique neo-noir world with corporate cults and magic-powered megacities, new character options including races, subclasses, spells and equipment, and everything else you’ll need to run campaigns in a magic-fuelled future. You can learn more about Crystalpunk at Plus Three Press’s website.

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