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Chandler, AZ December 21, 2020 – Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Soundbooth Theater announce a partnership to bring an exciting variety of short fiction to audiobook format. Keep reading to find a holiday-themed audiobook, Kringle Down!

Pinnacle Entertainment Group is the creator of Wendigo Tales, short fiction based on the many genres of their Savage Worlds™ tabletop roleplaying game.  Soundbooth Theater is a full-service audio production company specializing in multicast audiobooks and Audio Deep Dives enhanced with sound effects and music.

Wendigo Tales embrace a variety of lines from the Savage Worlds game including Weird Wars. Listeners will soon shiver to stories set during the decadence and gore of Rome, the mustard gas-filled trenches of World War I, or the bombing raids and genocide of World War II. Heroes fight not only to preserve their own humanity but for all humankind against things darker than man has created.

Listeners can also explore the stars with The Last Parsec for Savage Worlds, another Wendigo Tales series. The beings of JumpCorp explore, protect, and colonize new worlds across a thousand galaxies. Or they can follow the adventures of heroes—and villains—in Necessary Evil, the last of the first three lines for Wendigo Tales coming to Soundbooth Theater’s descriptive audio. In Necessary Evil, stories follow after an alien invasion killed most of the super heroes on Earth. Now villains must rise. The fate of the world lies with the scum of the earth!

Shane Hensley said: “I first learned about Soundbooth Theater from their Shattered Seas audio book, a tale based on the incredible Deep Madness board game I backed on Kickstarter.

“When I saw the love, talent, and enthusiasm they put into that project, I contacted them about turning our Wendigo Tales short stories into audio books and was thrilled when they said they were in! Audio short stories are tricky to get on Audible or other subscription platforms, but Soundbooth’s platform is perfect for our Wendigo Tales. I highly recommend you check all their titles… these guys and gals are just great.”

A Blood Soaked Christmas Surprise…Kringle Down!

Pinnacle’s founder Shane Lacy Hensley has also published an independent story with Soundbooth Theater called Kringle Down! This isn’t affiliated with Pinnacle or Savage Worlds–instead, it’s a horrific holiday surprise Shane dreamed up a few years back and has been wanting to tell ever since.

It’s Christmas Eve, 1990. A pair of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Agents are bringing the cleaning team down from a crime scene at the top of snow-covered Red Onion Mountain in Dickenson County, Virginia. A fiery object crosses the road and crashes into the nearby mountainside. It looks like one of the planes the cartel uses to ferry drugs to the “Dixie Mafia,” but something far more strange awaits the agents in the wreckage.

Kringle Down is narrated by Soundbooth Theater’s own veteran storyteller Jeff Hays with full audio, music, and sound effects!

Please note. Kringle Down is for mature listeners only. It contains adult language, graphic violence, and a Santa’s bag of gory yuletide surprises you won’t see coming till the very end.

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The award-winning Deadlands™ and Savage Worlds™ tabletop RPGs were created by Shane Lacy Hensley, owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. For more information, visit or contact Jodi Black, COO and Managing Editor for Pinnacle, at

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