KULT: Bible Edition 2nd Version Unveiled!

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of the KULT: Bible Edition 2nd Version – 4th Edition Core Rules which is now available on Modiphus.net as part of the KULT Collection.

After the first edition sold out, makers Helmgast, have produced a band new version and here are the details on this intriguing new edition.

The Bible Edition (2nd version) is a “pocket version” of the KULT: Divinity Lost Core Rules, in an all-text version. The book is in the same physical format as a typical bible.

The 2nd version of the Bible Edition features a black cloth cover, with gold foil print on top, and two color print inside with blood red headlines, making them clearer and more visible than the 1st version of the Bible Edition. Just as with the 1st version, the edges of the pages are gold coloured.

The KULT: Bible Edition 2nd Version – 4th Edition Core Rules also includes a PDF version of the Core Rules to download on completion of purchase. Note that the PDF version is the full color 4th Edition Core Rules as there is no PDF for the Bible Edition layout.

We hope you’ll take advantage of a chance to own this unique version of the KULT RPG and why not explore the KULT Collection to find more books, accessories and to help you run the game,

Best wishes,

Modiphius Entertainment

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