Early Access “Myth-Making” RPG Wildermyth Launches Major Update

Tactical mythmaking RPG Wildermyth has just launched its biggest update since its debut on Steam Early Access last November. The Monarchs Under the Mountain update is now live, bringing a brand-new storyline in which the player’s band of heroes must battle a strange, underground cult called the Deepists. Just like the previous storylines, Wildermyth’s signature character-driven procedural narrative makes for a new experience with each playthrough.

Wildermyth is currently sitting at an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on Steam, with an impressive 99% of users recommending the game. Some key quotes from players:

  • “Successfully executed, marvelously designed take on fantasy XCOM” (link)
  • “Truly wonderful game” (link)
  • “This game is un freaking believable. Amazing art style and story” (link)
  • “Outstanding innovative turn based rpg” (link)
  • “An absolute masterpiece” (link)

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