Beasts of the Chaos Realm for Savage Worlds, EGS, and Powered by the Apocalypse

Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm – 2nd Edition. This 2nd edition features expanded GM content for each of the 30 bestiary entries along with How to Guides for using the supplement with Savage Worlds (SWADE-compatible), Entropic Gaming System (EGS 2.0), The Fallen (Powered by the Apocalypse), and Beyond the Firelight Deluxe.

Shadowed Earth Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm [PDF: $5]

We at the Inquisition like to think we know as much as humanly possible about the supernatural world that surrounds us every day. Unfortunately, that’s not only a daunting task, it’s almost impossible. We discover new chaotic beings often, new otherworldly beings summoned to Earth, and the remnants of non-human societies. It is with great displeasure that I concede to the overwhelming magnitude of the supernatural world and must admit that even the Inquisition remains partially naïve.

The Cryptozoology is a culmination of facts, theories, and speculations as researched and documented by the Inquisition. Each publication contains a collection of adversaries for use across all Shadowed Earth settings, and any fantasy horror or urban fantasy setting. Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm presents a collection of demons and demonic beings that can be used throughout any era and within any location.

Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm includes:

  • 30 unique demons and demonic beings
  • Descriptions for each entry
  • Illustration for each entry
  • A description of the classifications used throughout the series

Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm now includes the following How to Use guides that include stat blocks for use with these games:

  • The Fallen (Powered by the Apocalypse)
  • Savage Worlds (SWADE)
  • Entropic Gaming System (EGS 2.0)
  • Beyond the Firelight Deluxe (Chronology Engine)

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