Scarred Lands Creature Collection for 5e hits Kickstarter

The Scarred Lands Creature Collection for 5e is live on Kickstarter!

We’re bringing the best adversaries from the history of the Creature Collection to 5th Edition! We want to make a full colour, one creature per page, hardcover bestiary for the world’s favourite roleplaying game.

It’s going to be expertly converted, beautifully illustrated, wonderfully laid out, and full to the brim with useful content.

If we’re extra successful we’ll also include random encounter tables, drop-in encounters with battle maps, and lots of additional digital content.


Way back at the beginning of the d20 times, when 3rd Edition was the big noise, gamers had two core manuals with which to play. The Player’s Guide and Dungeon Master’s Guide were available, but there was a pause before we got the official Monster Manual. Into that gap burst The Creature Collection – the very first bestiary of Third Edition monsters!

Now we’re bringing the Creature Collection to 5th Edition!

Our aims and campaign are simple: To see how large a 5th Edition bestiary we can create with your help!

The Book

At the heart of our campaign is The Scarred Lands Creature Collection for 5th Edition. We want to run a very focused, easy-to-understand campaign, and it’s all about the book.

The Creature Collection begins at 156 pages, and will feature roughly 140 monsters. Most occupy a full page, some occupy two, occasionally they’re longer. None are split up across pages – they always occupy at least one full page. We think this is vital feature for ease of usage: We want to give you a good-sized illustration for every adversary, along with a good depth of info and tips on using the creature. We also want the book to be a joy to read and use at the table.

If the campaign is successful, the book will grow, with additional monsters added as stretch goals are met. You will still pay the same price you pledged at, so it’s worth getting in early and bringing in as many friends as you can! Together we can get MORE MONSTERS!

With this campaign our job is to make a single volume, so we’re maxing it out at 256 pages. That way we don’t break the bank shipping it to you, nor get delayed in delivery. But fear not, there are plenty of additional rewards we’ll unlock should we grow beyond that point!

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