Review: Paizo – Sun Divers (Starfinder Adventure Path)

Sun Divers
Sun Divers is a sci-fi fantasy campaign module for Starfinder, written by Joe Pasini and published by Paizo.
By Aaron T. Huss

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Sun Divers is the third book of the latest Starfinder Adventure Path – Dawn of Flame. The first two adventure books in this campaign comprised a number of events that set-up the storyline while Sun Divers is almost a hook that connects the first part of the campaign to the remaining campaign. Effectively a major milestone occurs here, allowing the adventure to go deeper into the story arch.

Sun Divers offers the same three-part campaign module along with supporting content. The supporting content in this book includes a look at the criminal organizations of the setting (very useful inside and outside of this campaign), bestiary, a gazetteer of this module’s main location, and another world for you to play in.

If you don’t like spoilers, then don’t read the rest of the review.

Sun Divers makes a significant deviation from the previous two modules in that the three adventure parts are not all focused on some type of military action. Instead, it delves into other, fun aspects of sci-fi covering a casino with multiple games to play (and the mechanics for how to play them) in part 1. Once that milestone is acquired, part 2 and 3 actually blend into each other as a combination of exploration and combat; almost like how an investigation would feel in a horror game where you are exploring a structure and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose (well, kind of). Part 3 concludes with plenty of combat action, but it’s a nice break to roll-in other aspects of gameplay that don’t require move, shoot, move, and shoot.

Sun Divers continues the military sci-fi aspects of the campaign, but it serves as a linchpin to what happens next (well, part 1 is mainly the linchpin). If you’re running this campaign, I suggest using this module to spark some new momentum and really get things moving to help the players understand how close they’re getting to what’s really going on in the background!

For this module, the strength is definitely the location – Noma! Due to focus of this location in the module, you not only get a gazetteer, you get a cool map, criminal organizations, casino games, some new gear, and plenty of people to interact with. If you’re not running the campaign, the bulk of this module can serve as a sourcebook for other adventures.

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