The Eye that Never Sleeps Comes to your Tabletop

Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the release of our latest supplement – Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Pinkertons. This new version of the Ultimate Guides series is a complete systemless sourcebook with printer-friendly supplements, called How to Use guides, for creating characters using the source material.

Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Pinkertons [PDF: $6.00 | Print: COMING SOON | Print/PDF: SAME PRICE AS PRINT]

***If purchasing the printed copy, make sure you choose the Print + PDF option, otherwise you won’t get the How to Use supplements.***

When considering the history of law enforcement, there is one name that stands above the rest – Pinkerton. A precursor to any federal law enforcement agency, the Pinkerton Agency set an amazing precedent for detective and security work along with establishing (or at least influencing) a number of benchmarks that are still in use today.

Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Pinkertons is a delve into the complete history of Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency from its roots to its modern-day incarnation.

Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Pinkertons includes:

  • The building and growth of the Agency.
  • Major exploits of its many operatives.
  • A look at the many facets of the Agency throughout its life.
  • Write-ups of several prominent Pinkertons.
  • Guidance for using the sourcebook in your games.
  • An extensive timeline of events.
  • … and more!

Tabletop Gaming Guide to the: Pinkertons includes the following How to Use guides for incorporating the source material quickly into your games:

  • Shadowed Earth
  • Savage Worlds (SWADE-compatible)
  • Five Points (a Dark Streets setting)
  • Entropic Gaming System

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